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Comments for 'Survival, Chapter Five: Chaos'

10:17 pm | September 28, 2003
ok that was gay, spammers are getting even more pathetic every day lol
9:18 pm | September 28, 2003
agent shade
9:18 pm | September 28, 2003
You suck ass so does everyone else. Go to hell you basterds
8:36 pm | September 28, 2003
3:21 am | September 27, 2003
AWESOME SHADE, and hikaru-119 when u goin to post the next chapter of ur story,man i love ur sotries man
Sergeant B
10:15 am | September 26, 2003
2:51 am | September 26, 2003
Well, once again you release another dynomite story. But it kinda leaves me wondering, how in the world are they gonna get rid of an infection that sever? Keep it up man
Peace out
Agent Shade
10:50 pm | September 25, 2003
thanks a bunch guys

elfster, the mathematics used to calculate the amount of Flood forms is quite impressive. i apologize for that error of mine. i should've specified that there were a lot more crewmembers than mention in the prologue

the error was mine, i'm sorry, please enjoy the story nevertheless
10:33 pm | September 25, 2003
Sweet read Shade love the Flood action once again. This is a very sweet story loved every minute of it! 10/10 Keep up the bloody brilliant work! Makes the virus seem like a chipmunk taking on a Tiger.
10:28 pm | September 25, 2003
Agent Shade could make alot of people say that =)

Absolutely perfect as always.

but im estimating about

50 Flood came in the boarding craft, then took about 100 with the engineering deck, thats 150, and you said marines were holding them off but dying at about 60 a day and about a dozen attacking per hour. Over 24 hours the flood would have gained sixty making it 210, but at 12 dying per hour over 24 hours they would have lost 288.

Realistically, the flood would be dead already.

However small fire teams of marines went down before they established some blockades, that might have fed the flood enough, but still not enough to launch a full army.

Its your gig and all but the flood event, in my opinion, should stop soon to let the story progress to Regas V.

10/10 still though, as always
Sim McGaulkin
10:12 pm | September 25, 2003
Wow... This story makes mine look like shit.
Agent Shade
8:31 pm | September 25, 2003
thanks guys, and yes, it is good to be back
8:22 pm | September 25, 2003
I didn't exactly read the story, I just wanted to welcome you back,cuz it's a LONG time since i've seen you around these parts... Welcome back...
Sergeant B
7:59 pm | September 25, 2003
I love it! It's excellent man! 10/10!!
7:05 pm | September 25, 2003
I like it. Really. I do. Good stuff you have here. Kill all the flood though.
3:25 pm | September 25, 2003
Although I am new to your series I think I get the point of your story fairly well. Good job. Very interesting habits you have given the flood.
Agent Shade
10:46 am | September 25, 2003
I figured I would make this one as good as my other ones, so enjoy.