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Comments for 'Survival, Chapter Four: Critical Alert'

7:37 pm | September 24, 2003
cool! 10/10
2:13 am | September 24, 2003
I like it. It may have been done before, but this is the first storie I've read about Flood infesting a ship. You do a great job of keeping the story flowing nicely and you have intense battlescenes. 9/10
P.S. If you could comment on my story it would go greatly appreciated. I havn't posted in a while so I think I might be getting a little rusty.
10:48 pm | September 23, 2003
I love it, I wish it wouldve been longer.

I dont know why nobody is rrading this.. Lol maybe I should start a Fan fic Guide, you know, a TV Guide just with no TV... =)
9:45 pm | September 23, 2003
Hell yah man this story kicks ass! I love the plot with the Flood and all this was a sweet chapter 10/10 keep it up!
Agent Shade
8:35 pm | September 23, 2003
uhhh yeah, anyone going to comment on this?