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Comments for 'Survival, Chapter Two: Strength and Honor'

8:22 pm | September 20, 2003
No Shade I haven't read the prolgue but I'll be sure to do that.
12:32 pm | September 20, 2003
Ok, lemme get this straight. I kept reading until this chapter, knowing it was a flood story but getting past it, but then when the italics popped up, that was the last straw. Sorry for the confusion. You write good, I'm just not interested at the moment.
Agent Shade
3:16 am | September 20, 2003
and i keep telling everyone i'm sorry about the italics ok? some HTML editing problem. i've stopped using them, so no worries.
Agent Shade
3:16 am | September 20, 2003
thanks monitor...had you read the prologue to this story, you would've found out it had to do with the Flood. oh well
9:52 pm | September 19, 2003
I thought the whole Flood twist was awesome.
12:32 am | September 19, 2003
Didn't know it was a flood story till I read it, Shade.
Agent Shade
10:28 pm | September 18, 2003
well, if you don't mind me asking...if you don't like flood theme stories...why bother read mine? thanks elfster, i'm glad you kinda like it. i dunno if you will like the rest of it though. sorry for those who don't like flood stories, but i find them easier to write as an enemy than the Covenant (stupid names) lol
10:19 pm | September 18, 2003
Just like Elfster, the Flood really turned me away from the story. I might have been able to keep reading had it not been for the mass italics, but the combination ruined it for me. Sorry.
9:59 pm | September 18, 2003
This was an awesome story loved every minute of it. First the ship-to-ship combat then the Flood being put on by the Covenant great plot. Sweet Shade no complaints 10/10!
9:54 pm | September 18, 2003
Ok, let me put it this way.

I like flood-taking-over-the-galaxy-themes just as much as Sarge B likes Spartans as main characters.

Needless to say I would have normally dropped this story halfway through and moved on, but it was good enough that I actually like it.
And like it alot.

It takes alot for me to like a flood-themed fan fic, so you did VERY good.
Sergeant B
9:48 pm | September 18, 2003
Great! Love it!

6:54 pm | September 18, 2003
nevere mind 10/10
6:41 pm | September 18, 2003
sweet! 9.9/10
Agent Shade
5:36 pm | September 18, 2003
Hikaru, the exterior of the ship will barely get a scratch, since most of the conflict will be internal. don't worry, the action will come, thanks
2:17 pm | September 18, 2003
Except for the last paragraph (it was kinda short and quickly spoken) great story. Keep up the good fleet battles. And although this ship is a bit more advvanced than normal let's see it get a bit more torn up. It'll add some tension to the story.