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Comments for 'Survival, Chapter One: Hijacked'

8:54 pm | September 19, 2003
I'm easy to please. I just thought that one part was kind of out-o-place, but as I said before, it's your Fan Fic, so it doesn't have to be out of the story bible.
11:49 am | September 18, 2003
Other than the first contact at Harvest, I've never heard of a UNSC and Covenant vessel having talks. Just wanted to point that out, but it's your story.

DO what you want, I'll go along willingly.
Agent Shade
1:44 am | September 18, 2003
i dunno Mainevent, i just thought maybe that the humans would expect some sort of explanation from the Covenant commander as to why they were out there. it's just one odd scene, don't give up on the story, it will get better
12:03 pm | September 17, 2003
Nice little story. Other than the Covenant seeming a tiny bit human pretty good.
Vi3tl3l3oi 023(Return of CPT CRAPPER)
12:48 am | September 17, 2003
good... good... burn the italics.
8:24 pm | September 16, 2003


it had a nice mix of storyline and action, but you could have had more description of what happened on the Covenant Ship that got infected.
Agent Shade
7:39 pm | September 16, 2003
thanks guys and i'm sorry about the italics...i'm just going to stop using them, this is so stupid
7:08 pm | September 16, 2003
Those italics ruined the whole story! You expect me to read it with everything in italics! What's wrong with you? No, I'm joking.

Nice story. A grammar problem to bring to your attention: When somebody says something, put a comma at the end. Ex: "Go," he said. Not "Go" he said. But, "Go!" works fine. Not a biggie, I just wanted to point it out. Excellent story, though.
Sergeant B
7:05 pm | September 16, 2003
Great dude!
6:32 pm | September 16, 2003
gooooooooood 10/10
Agent Shade
5:40 pm | September 16, 2003
holy crap, what is wrong with the italics...i'm so sorry guys...i did the whole [i]name[/i] thing...what is going on...hope you still enjoy it...