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Comments for 'Survival, Prologue'

2:35 pm | September 7, 2003
hese having a writers block
1:08 am | September 7, 2003
what happened to the last war
1:53 am | September 6, 2003
I think it was good. I'm not going to give a rating because the actuall series hasn't started yet but it seems good. And no, we havn't forgoten you Shade. Youre one of the best writers here, I think personally up in the ranks with Wado and Walker. Peace Out.
Alpha Lance
12:11 am | September 6, 2003
Yeah, reading that italize makes my eyes hurt after a while. (9.6/10) And just so you know, [/i] to end italize.
8:06 pm | September 5, 2003
Oh, and the torpedoes on mine screwed up. Maybey you should have that happen to sorta even the odds alittle.
8:04 pm | September 5, 2003
I thought I was one of the first to come up with a Hybrid ship in the Bonhommee Richard(or however the hell you spell it) From my series. Only mine dosen't have pulse lasers.
Is the MC on the Hybrid?
Agent Shade
12:00 pm | September 5, 2003
lol, well, i was wrong, thank you everyone and i apologize for my mistakes, like that italics...you are right, prologues are boring, but mine always end up being quite long and if i tried to add a chapter with it, i wouldn't be able to submit it...i will continue writing, thank you
11:09 am | September 5, 2003
We haven't forgotten about you, Agent Shade. This one was good, with few typos (other than the obvious one), and I like the idea of the Hybrid. But one hundred seventy five? That's a small crew. Usually a ship like that would have around two thousand, if it wasn't carrying many Marines. With them about one thousand. Anyway, I want to see how this series turns out, so keep up with it.

Semper Fi

Agent Shade
11:00 am | September 5, 2003
thanks, anymore comments? people have probably forgotten about me lol
4:48 am | September 5, 2003
Can't wait for the next one!
How can i forget? You did write my favorite fan fic series (shadow ops or something) how could I forget?

Thanks for pointing out what MAC stands for, iv'e been wondering about that.
3:36 am | September 5, 2003
LOL looks like someone doesn't know their HTML code very well.

Otherwise, good, but you should include the prologues in your stories instead of dedicating a chapter to it.

It's easier, and makes it more fun to read imstead of waiting for the next fan fic post.
2:47 am | September 5, 2003
well your not gone altogether, and neither am i
2:17 am | September 5, 2003
I remember you well. This fic looks promising.

Wasn't there one story that you didn't finish?
7:33 pm | September 4, 2003
10/10 cheers
7:23 pm | September 4, 2003
seems really good kant wait