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Comments for 'The Last War, Chapter One: Self-Aware'

Agent Shade
2:35 am | August 14, 2003
thanks Jink, making up last names has always been hard, but i'm working on it
12:36 am | August 14, 2003
Very good, although there were a few missing commas after several dialogue sentences. Other than that, it's going great. I find the name you gave one of the characters to be quite the interest of the story's imagination and potential. 'Conrath'...great.

Going good, keep it up.

No Where Man
8:20 pm | August 13, 2003
Excellent story. 10/10.
4:46 pm | August 13, 2003
good 10/10
Agent Shade
4:06 pm | August 13, 2003
thanks O, if you read my prologue to this story, i mention how i'm not trying to copy terminator
The Invisable O
3:38 pm | August 13, 2003
Interesting story. I take it your converting the terminator storyline into a halo format. I'm glad you didn't blatantly copy all the charecters and instead created your own. I am also glad you didn't put in an actual teminator.