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Comments for 'The Last War, Prologue'

Alpha Lance
7:19 pm | August 9, 2003
I can see myself writing about humans fighting
each other,of course I read about humans fighting
each others,in my Tom Clancy novoels.
Dark Spartan
1:37 pm | August 9, 2003
Great so far.Will definetely need a descripyon of the xenocides later on though.But I'm sure yo already knew that. 9/10
10:21 pm | August 7, 2003
I can't see myself writing about humans fighting each other, I just can't.
Alpha Lance
11:51 am | August 7, 2003
Your storys always kickass,10/10.
11:42 am | August 7, 2003
9/10 Total super solgiers
Agent Shade
1:24 am | August 7, 2003
i realize prologues are kind of boring, but i wanted to make sure the idea of my story would be liked by all

thanks guys
10:57 pm | August 6, 2003
Wow been away for like 3months...what happened to all of the old story writers... lotta new people. Just wanted to say great story
10:08 pm | August 6, 2003
Ah, fascinating. Going to make a good series. 10/10.

10:03 pm | August 6, 2003
Cool... But i really doubt Bungie would do that, they already have Halo 2 and maybe 3 all planned out already. But maybe in a later game... Or maybe Eric Nylund would be interested =)

can't wait, but the prologue was like listening about an RTS game instead of a FPS game which is a little boring, but then again it IS a prologue.
8:00 pm | August 6, 2003
ya i hate making up covie names
Agent Shade
7:30 pm | August 6, 2003
you liked it *cries* i was worried no one would, thanks

to DaMann: my idea behind Photogenic titanium armor is that when one of the Xenocides activates its battle armor, it blends into its surroundings, much like camouflage...if it was in a forest, it would have the forest camouflage surrounding it, that was what i was trying to get across

i don't like writing about the Covenant...making up names and not knowing their genders is so confusing and hard for me to write, so i try to avoid it...i will get back into it, but for now, i'll stick with this

thank you DaMann about Josh, having him intergrated into the Halo storyline would be awesome

Jamirus, thank you for the comments and i agree with your concern about the Spartans losing against the Covenant...however, i have a theory, that all the candidates brought into the Spartan program aren't all the best and sometimes the augmentation doesn't take its fullest effect, thus making the Spartans not as strong as they should be

thanks (boy, that was a lot of typing)
7:03 pm | August 6, 2003
It's good, Agent Shade, very good. Format and spelling are top-notch (and junk like that) ;)

Of course, I'm not exactly sure how Spartans were losing to the Covenant in battles, but its your gig....
6:45 pm | August 6, 2003
Cool, but "photogenic titanium armor"? Photogenic as in 'good looking on a photo'? Hmmm. But the MJOLNIR's on their own look quite cool (Imagine having one decorating your living room). I like your alternate history series you've written. You've had Josh go crazy and start a rebellion at the end of the Human-Covenant Wars, and now you have one where the robots rebel at the end of the war.

P.S. Josh is a very interesting and well-developed character. I've seen lots of stories tracing the path of his life from his conscription into the SPARTAN Programs to his eventual insanity and rebellion (your story, Shade). I wonder if an appeal to Bungie would allow for the addition of his character into the game's storyline.
6:43 pm | August 6, 2003
cool 10/10 this is gunna be a good series............... but i wish youd write a series about the humans fighting the covenant just a suggestion