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Comments for 'Project: Shadow Spartan, Chapter 9'

9:25 am | July 31, 2003
Patience, they'll have them; remember that they're busy HBO people.
4:59 am | July 31, 2003
and the guy that was copyin Steele capitolized the S not me. and when r they gonna get the new fanfic's its been acouple of days.
4:55 am | July 31, 2003
my new name is Taze ok? and again im sorri for the confusment.
3:54 am | July 31, 2003
thr comments page
3:52 am | July 31, 2003
cool fanfic. to walker: what is too complicated? the story, or the review?
2:20 am | July 31, 2003
this is getting way too complicated
12:41 am | July 31, 2003
Yah kool!
7:39 pm | July 30, 2003
Awesome story, 10/10!
Cant wait for the next chapter.
Agent Shade
7:39 pm | July 30, 2003
monitor, Project Shadow Spartan was first started by an author named Shadow Spartan, but he/she didn't finish it. following that, the same author (Shadow Spartan) started the story all over again, but with the help of Arinoth Koby, however, they didn't finish it either...now, i'm doing my own version and planning to finish it lol
6:21 pm | July 30, 2003
Pretty cool but didn't someone already have a story like this? Hey Tango I still read old storys and post on the old comments sections. Hey people I need ideas for whats going to happen next in the virus so if you have any ideas please email me at wasup1989@hotmail.com and give me some ideas.
Agent Shade
2:13 pm | July 30, 2003
thanks guys and thank you steele for clearing some of this mess up
11:49 am | July 30, 2003
good story, 10/10
11:44 am | July 30, 2003
im soory i was pissed off when i wrote those other comments :(
Covie Killer
11:35 am | July 30, 2003
That foney Steele is a big assclown.
Agent Shade
11:27 am | July 30, 2003
like i stated before, you aren't the real Steele, because the real Steele has commented on the other 8 chapters of my story and stated that he liked my story, plus, your grammar and punctuation usage is quite horrible, so stop impersonating other people and get a life, or else you will be tracked down and hacked by the people who work at this website (Louis Wu, Count Zero, mnemesis, etc)

and for the record, i would never say anything bad about anyone's story, so if someone ends up impersonating me, it isn't me, as i choose not to critisize people by yelling and screaming at them...
Alpha Lance
11:24 am | July 30, 2003
I don't care if your the rea Steele or not,don't piss me off!
6:29 am | July 30, 2003
dont worri Steele ima change my name.
6:27 am | July 30, 2003
6:16 am | July 30, 2003
i apoligize to the steele wit the capitol S cuz the other "Steele" might had thought i was copyin u,but im not.sorries.and for the other Steele i hope tjey track u and kick ur ass,and great story.9/10
Agent Shade
4:14 am | July 30, 2003
Dirty Commie, it's not Steele, now can we please just forget about that and comment on this story, seeing as how the point of his page is for comments on the story
Dirty Commie
3:07 am | July 30, 2003
""are u people blind? this is the real Steele,look at my fuckin name assholes.fuck u Alpha Lance. ""

Ahh, the cold, crushing voice of logic, proving beyond a doubt that it is in fact Steele. I mean, just look at his name.
1:14 am | July 30, 2003
Okay ya'll remember the problems we had with the comment system you don't wanna get it taken away do you? We all need to settle down a bit...
12:36 am | July 30, 2003
i love hackers when they're on your side, it's like having your own personal secret police force. better stock up on firewalls, "steele"!
10:51 pm | July 29, 2003
ur a piece of shit steele
10:46 pm | July 29, 2003
hey steele, ur a gayass mofo, u neet 2 chill out bitch, i damn u to hell, bitch.
10:37 pm | July 29, 2003
are u people blind? this is the real Steele,look at my fuckin name assholes.fuck u Alpha Lance.
Wiley K,
10:15 pm | July 29, 2003
I don't think that's really Steele...

Agent Shade
6:56 pm | July 29, 2003
thanks guys and to tango, i didn't take offense or anything, so its all good and i appreciate comments like that so that i know how to improve my writing

Alpha Lance
5:29 pm | July 29, 2003
Agent Shade that story was FREAKEN AWSOME!As
for Steele I don't give a rats ass if he stole
your idea,so go off and suck your left nut!
4:01 pm | July 29, 2003
cool story
Spartan 117
3:59 pm | July 29, 2003
all right, sorry
3:59 pm | July 29, 2003
that was just one part... the rest of the story is awesome and i love it. sry if it got read the wrong way... tho i did kind of bring that upon myself. sorry. the story is awesome.
3:59 pm | July 29, 2003
i liked it
Agent Shade
2:51 pm | July 29, 2003
Tango, if you hated Shadow Ops, then go post it on the Shadow Ops comments page and not this one...this page is designed for comments about Project Shadow Spartan, so i will not reply to your statement below, you too Spartan 117

and that isn't the real Steele, since the real one said he liked Project Shadow Spartan
Hidden Assassin
2:42 pm | July 29, 2003
It's hard to put out negative criticism when there isn't that much negative about the fiction.
Spartan 117
12:20 pm | July 29, 2003
agreed, tango
12:18 pm | July 29, 2003
i hate all the goody goodies who withdraw their negative criticism just so the author wont get their feelings hurt... i know this is waaaaaay behind, but i feel it must be said and since no one is going to read an ancient review page i figured id post it here: i had a major problem with the alliance in shadow ops chapter 4. i think maybe uve forgotten the hardcore loyalty to the prophets and the 'gods' that all covenant possess. any covenant who would want to make an alliance would be killed by the prophets upon their return, not to mention probably tortured. that is way whacked. i hate it when nobody has any negative criticism in a review... u cant just be nice about everything
5:45 am | July 29, 2003
this was a piece of shit,waste of space.2/10
p.s. u stold my idea
5:35 am | July 29, 2003
Great story, I agree with everyone else, but can't his suit go invisible? I just read from the beginning up to just before the attack and dont feel like looking for that part.
Agent Shade
2:06 am | July 29, 2003
much appreciated guys, two more chapters, then this series is done
Hidden Assassin
1:48 am | July 29, 2003
Great job! Well, Agent Shade, I believe you were one of the few people to post on my story (M31: First Blood). I've finally continued writing them.

By the way 10/10. One of the most original seen here in a while.
1:21 am | July 29, 2003
cool: 10/10
Agent Shade
12:48 am | July 29, 2003
i realize this chapter may seem boring to many, but the next one is going to have so much action in it, so stay tuned (thanks pooman)
12:34 am | July 29, 2003
sweet, the spartainIII's are gunna get thier asses kicked 10/10 :)