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Comments for 'Project: Shadow Spartan, Chapter 8'

Agent Shade
7:51 pm | July 27, 2003
actually pooman, sam didn't get captured, laura did, they just left sam there to die, tune in to my next chapter to see what happens
5:00 pm | July 27, 2003
it sux sam got captured
John 117
10:46 am | July 27, 2003
An absoloutely excellent series with a sublime storyline
Agent Shade
8:33 pm | July 26, 2003
well, its one of my fav swear words, so i suppose i do use it a lot
6:48 pm | July 26, 2003
Great story but you said "fuck" too much
Agent Shade
9:23 pm | July 25, 2003
wow guys, thanks, appreciate those comments and i'm sorry about all the nodding

i probably won't be doing any writing this weekend, since i'm going to my cottage, and it has dial-up internet, plus only has Wordpad, so no spell or grammar check...i'll play is safe and try to write on sunday or monday

4:44 pm | July 25, 2003
Awesome as always. Does one expect otherwise when one reads Agent Shade's stories. ;^) 10/10
2:22 pm | July 25, 2003
great story 10/10
12:50 pm | July 25, 2003
Yah, good story, ol' bean.
dna mixup
11:24 am | July 25, 2003
lol , you make them nod to much :D
7:44 am | July 25, 2003
great story and series.10/10