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Comments for 'Project: Shadow Spartan, Chapter 7'

Agent Shade
1:17 am | July 25, 2003
thank you amigos
3:00 am | July 24, 2003
wow this post wasnt good or anything...lol j/k. you have a knack for unique action sequences. especially when they take place in areas where other authors havent written about yet.
Kid Buu
1:42 am | July 24, 2003
Keep it up Agent Shade this is awsome 10/10 :)
Agent Shade
1:37 am | July 24, 2003
lol, my bad pooman, but i have nothing to do all day, so i write the stories...just so you all know, stay tuned for my next series i will be writing after this one called "Survival"
1:37 am | July 24, 2003
i meen the other series comes in slow,................ but i still like it
12:30 am | July 24, 2003
ya, it's great,but...... your storys come in so much faster, and i forget wut the story's plot is, and have to read the series all over again.
Agent Shade
10:57 pm | July 23, 2003
thanks guys...does anyone here like the Shadow Spartans series i'm doin with Arinoth?
10:53 pm | July 23, 2003
sweet 10/10, i agree with everyone
9:09 pm | July 23, 2003
Great story man, try working on this one more than the other one.
8:54 pm | July 23, 2003
cool but it couldve been funnier/cooler if Sam's mom accidently killed a Spartan III or knocked it out or something.. it wouldnt be possible probly but it wouldve been funny.
8:22 pm | July 23, 2003
Yeah the whole Balmora thing was funny.
7:14 pm | July 23, 2003
Awesome story, again. Still can't get over Balmora from Morrowind. 9.75/10