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Comments for 'Project: Shadow Spartan, Chapter 6'

Kaboose29 (a.k.a. Spookybanana29)
11:49 am | July 24, 2003
Hey guys...i submitted a Fan Fiction on...Tuesday..but it hasn't shown up on the Web-Site...how long does it take for a Fan Fiction to appear on HBO?

By the way, my story is called 'The War of Warriors', and its my first Fan Fiction..so if it's sucks, tell me in the Comments section..and help would be appreciated to make my series better...:)
Agent Shade
11:00 am | July 24, 2003
lol, thanks Havok, i remember reading the GTA one, that really sucked, appreciate the comments, chapter 7 is up btw
Wiley K.
3:16 pm | July 23, 2003
Don't forget that GTA thingy...
Man, I'm glad that guy's gone.
2:09 pm | July 23, 2003
Angent Shade, my man, its just constructive criticism. the object of these comment pages are to provide ways for the author to further improve his(or his/her, to be politically correct) writing skills. people who hang around and rip on other peoples stories are stupid. unless, of course, the story really does suck, and then its justified.(refer to "The Silent Cartographer: Part One" try to read the story- try being the key word there- and then read the comments that everyone wrote)
Agent Shade
10:21 pm | July 22, 2003
thanks pooman and to Havok, i apologize for the misuse of the word and will do my best to improve it, thanks
6:50 pm | July 22, 2003
ok Havok, 10/10.... happy?
6:27 pm | July 22, 2003
pooman, you cant give out 11/10. it screws up the whole grading system(which was kind of useless in the first place.
but for the story, i like the ideas and the plot, but here was my only "peeve": "Not likely, since we're moving at a large velocity".............um, yeah....things dont move at large velocities. they move as fast velocities though. oh well. keep it up
4:50 pm | July 22, 2003
great, great,great, 11/10
Agent Shade
2:29 pm | July 22, 2003
will do mate, thanks
Kaboose29 (a.k.a. Spookybanana29)
1:55 pm | July 22, 2003
Agent Shade, this is a really good series...keep up the good work!


11:15 am | July 22, 2003
Balmora...hehe, from Morrowind. Cool, don't kill Carl, Carl is a cool name. 9.5/10
Agent Shade
1:10 am | July 22, 2003
thanks guys
10:32 pm | July 21, 2003
I liked it. Cutting power from useless systems on the Pelican was pretty ingenious.