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Comments for 'Project: Shadow Spartan, Chapter 4'

Alpha Lance
5:40 am | July 27, 2003
Agent Shade
12:50 am | July 18, 2003
thanks guys

to Pooman: that sucks, you have a lot of reading when you get back lol

to Diamond Dog: shit, good point DD, i forgot to add into the story that Kyle's helmet was taken off...oh well, for now, we will say that he was shot in the head

Diamond Dog
8:58 pm | July 17, 2003
Great job. I like this series. One problem though... a single pistol bullet to the head kills a fully shielded and armored Spartan?
Kid Buu
8:18 pm | July 17, 2003
This story ROCKS!!!! 15/10
6:52 pm | July 17, 2003
im going to be gone for a wile, so i probally wont hav time to comment on chapters: 5&6........... :(
5:15 pm | July 17, 2003
im just gunna use pooman again insted of CaRnAgE, i hate typin CaRnAgE
Agent Shade
3:34 pm | July 17, 2003
Dark Spartan, it helps if you read the other chapters that i have sent in, in case you don't understand this one...

also, you could be reading the old Project Shadow Spartans, done by Shadow Spartan, and Shadow Spartan/Arinoth Koby. there were two other stories titled "Project Shadow Spartan" done by the authors i stated above. However, those stories didn't get finished. This is my version of Project Shadow Spartan, which i WILL finish...hope that clears everything...if not, e-mail me at silent_shadow13@hotmail.com and i will clear up anything you don't understand...

and to everyone else, thanks for the comments
Dark Spartan
2:18 pm | July 17, 2003
yo what the heck is up with chapter four of Project Shadow Spartan? it doesnt go along with the other parts at all. the names are even different. maybe it'll all get sorted out in the next chapter
2:15 pm | July 17, 2003
Cool: 9.5/10
12:30 pm | July 17, 2003
awesome 11/10 :D