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Comments for 'Project: Shadow Spartan, Chapter 3'

10:08 pm | July 19, 2003
Yeah, that might help my understanding.

But the Chief has fought to hard and too long to die. He's given his whole life to fighting the Covenant. He should be allowed to retire, give a bunch of money, and a Ho Train.
Agent Shade
4:46 am | July 19, 2003
Steele, i think its about time that someone wrote that he does die...and it might just be me...as for the plasma blade, read the first two chapters and it will explain the blades
1:44 am | July 19, 2003
Pretty good.

But, the Chief CAN'T die. He's too freakin' lucky.
1:44 am | July 19, 2003
BTW: Aren't Plasma blades ignited as opposed to being drawn from a sheath. Kinda like in the E3 Demo. They behave sorta like weird lightsabers...Just a thought...
5:15 pm | July 17, 2003
cool, wuts it about?
Agent Shade
3:32 am | July 17, 2003
if anyone is interested, i'm planning on starting another series after this one called "Survival"
Agent Shade
8:58 pm | July 16, 2003
i just sent it in
5:38 pm | July 16, 2003
when is the next chapter coming out???? i kant wait!!!!!!
Agent Shade
1:06 am | July 16, 2003
i don't always put peroids after a dialoguge...i only do when i don't follow the dialogue up with a "he said" or a "she said"

Elfster: do you really thing its possible for the MC to even stand after being blasted by a rocket fired from a Jackhammer? you're right, he should've used the plasma blade, but when Josh was meleeing him, he couldn't because he was too weak...thanks for the comments
10:19 pm | July 15, 2003
I liked it how an old Spartan-II kicked the shit out of 6 Spartan-IIIs but one problem:

MC wouldn't have let himself die like that, especially if he had the plasma sword strapped to his back. In my opinion he should've used the plasma sword when Josh tried to melee with the rocket launcher. otherwise its great, keep up the good work! it wasn't sad that MC died, it just sorta sucked lol.
8:27 pm | July 15, 2003
As the Fonz would say, "eeeyyyyyy!"
good job.

btw, is there a reason that you don't put periods at the end of dialogue, or is that part of your writing style?
Agent Shade
8:24 pm | July 15, 2003
hey guys, thanks, as for the MC, stay tuned for future project shadow spartan chapters ;D
7:28 pm | July 15, 2003
7:12 pm | July 15, 2003
god that was sad, did mc really die?!?.... this series keeps gettin better and better 20/10
7:06 pm | July 15, 2003
Really really good! But did MC die? 10/10.
Kid Buu
6:39 pm | July 15, 2003
Holy cowww this gets better and better KEEP IT UP!!!!! 15/10