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Comments for 'The Guardians, Prologue-Chapter One'

Agent Shade
2:42 pm | July 19, 2004
in defense:

since this is my story, it is my opinion, my idea: that Jackals and Grunts are killed. I further believe that carrier forms are fully grown infection forms that have not gained a host to spawn the combat forms.

the incorporation of salvaged Covenant armor into Human ships was based off the fact that similar Covenant technology was integrated into the Spartan's armor, specifically the shields.

to elaborate, I believe that in order for the human race to win this war against the Covenant, they would have to build ships and weapons that use plasma technology, as I said during the prologue.

now, the MAC canons. definitely a good point you stated, in that it takes an entire platform to operate one of them. I, like many other authors here, had underestimated the size of these weapons and had thought they could be positioned onto ships.

however, keep this in mind. although what I'm about to say is a mistake on my part, it helps counter Guardian's argument. I did not specify the exact ship specifications of the "Guardian." I had mentioned it had a similar design to the Halcyon, but did not give exact measurements in say metres of kilometres. therefore, one should assume that the Guardian would look like a Haclyon cruiser, but extremely elongated and armed to the teeth. this then supports the reactor room. it would obviously have the Slipstream engines, along with generators for each super MAC turret.

the light-years, was my mistake, and I cannot counter it, so well done Guardian and thank you.
6:25 pm | July 16, 2004
a few things
Currently, the human body and the Covenant Field Commanders known as "Elites" are the prime subjects to be infected and turned into a Flood being. All others are simply killed. - thats bullshit, simply bullshit. Marines and Elties, become combat forms, the rest, as in grunts and jacklas become carrier forms, that spawn the infection forms.

second of all. in your story you mentioned the Super-Dreadnuaght at the ring world. that ship would have to be over a kilometer long to house those many MAC's and not to mention a Super-MAC, given the fact that. it takes an entire orbital platform to house one Super-MAC. Plus i have no idea how big the engine room of that ship or its reactor is, in order to power that much fire power.

Also i though that in the entire UNCS Navy, the cruisers were the most powerful as well as reliable ships, there was nothing after that. If the spartan-II's are in the front lines still fighting the covie jihad. Then there is no possible way humanity has advanced that far to create ships like that. Not to mention where does a UNCS ship get Covenant Ship-Grade Battle Plates??

Finally you also said that during the dreadnaught was at the ringworld, they detected another one 4-million miles away. To simply say, 4-million miles is roughly from here as in Earth, to Mars or a bit farther. Why are they so close together if their range was suppose to be as far as 25,000 light-years with their Radiation pulse.

Otherwise it was detailed and the plot was good, besides what i have said above everything is well written.

Agent Shade
3:00 am | July 16, 2004
needed new unique nicknames, glad you like them though
MC's Cousin
5:11 pm | July 14, 2004
Well, its good to have another good quality writer to read. Though that whole "I don't like the code" thing still disturbs me. Hey, next time, don't post three in a row, two is ok, but if you post a lot in one post, then I don't have as many to look forward to in the future. But, whatever suits you.
The military attitudes sounded...a little off, but maybe I just need to get a better feel for the personalitites first.
Your "Guardians" sound rough around the edges. But I think that it is very appropriate. If you were writing about Spartans I'd have something more to say, but since you already said that they were augmented after their training, I can see how they would act kindalike ODSTs.
By the way, nice names, bet you thought a while over those?

Signing Off

Team Halo
3:21 pm | July 14, 2004
well we liked it. we've got ur back

oh, and ur a, what we call, uber writer
Agent Shade
4:06 am | July 14, 2004
I know its been a long time, but I didn't expect to get so few posts. Is the story that bad?
Agent Shade
3:25 am | July 14, 2004
this story will basically follow a similar plot line to Shadow Ops II...not exactly, but as i said, there will be similarities.
2:15 am | July 14, 2004
Cool, but I agree with sniper. Shadow Ops II was pretty sweet, with a cliffhanger ending that left me bummed and wanting more. Ah well.
1:01 am | July 14, 2004
Nice prologue, it explains a lot.
8:26 pm | July 13, 2004
umm.... you never finished some of your stories, shade. I was a bit dissapointed. But nevermind. make sure you finish this one, ok?
5:31 pm | July 13, 2004
Only if you were INSIDE the ring. Is the Guardian OUTSIDE the ring?
looks like rain...
2:02 pm | July 13, 2004
a few hundred miles would basically be touching halo.

wheres my umbrella?