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Comments for 'Project: Shadow Spartan, Chapter 1'

Mr Revenge
12:15 pm | February 16, 2004
That was the best story i ever read so far.100/10
8:45 pm | July 29, 2003
Sweet.. Shinai Purugganan suggested I read this and I really am enjoying it :)
5:22 pm | July 15, 2003
ya it was great
4:48 pm | July 15, 2003
This was really good...keep up the good writing!


Agent Shade
4:08 am | July 14, 2003
those kickpads that he held were the ones that took the bulk of the punch, John was just blasted backwards by the recoil
2:36 am | July 14, 2003
an AI with an armor and shield is a creation of the AI itself, so it could make sense. I don't think with the strength MJOLNIR-X John 117 would be able to withstand a blow of any kind.
3:27 am | July 13, 2003
Very cool. 9.5/10
Agent Shade
2:00 am | July 13, 2003
thanks guys, i actually didn't think people would like this story, but i'm glad you all do.

to Shadowrunner: i don't exactly see the problem with an AI in armor and with a shield, i mean, its not real or anything, its holographic you know?

thanks again
10:39 pm | July 12, 2003
Awesomr 10/10
5:56 pm | July 12, 2003
This is starting to sound awsome 12/10 keep it up !!!! :)
Arinoth Koby
3:14 pm | July 12, 2003
Nice story so far dude, now we just need to work on ours as well
2:11 pm | July 12, 2003
Hey, cool concept of the story... i really like that the UNSC isn't all-good.

But one single thing: Lancelot? well, the name is okay BUT an AI in armor and with a shield? but everything else looks like a winner story