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Comments for 'Shadow Ops, Chapter 8: End Game'

Arinoth Koby
2:00 pm | July 2, 2003
Yeah pooman, we have only written chapter one, we plan on writing the next chapter today
11:09 am | July 2, 2003
hav u guys already started shadow spartans?, because i hav seen titles with that name
7:55 am | July 2, 2003
This is a great series i liked it heapz. Itz one of the best series i've ever read! The best of course being the series written by Tycho ages ago. But anyway dont let that discourage you, you could become as great as him one day! Execlent series, well done:) 10/10
Agent Shade
2:49 am | July 2, 2003
lol, don't worry Shadowrunner, you can keep your story the way it is, and thanks everyone for the comments, i'm glad i've pleased everyone...i hope you will enjoy Shadow Spartans, the new series i'm writing with Arinoth
12:14 am | July 2, 2003
Cool series, cool ending:10/10
10:44 pm | July 1, 2003
Hey! Now i have to make Owens come in control of Shadow Ops 2 in my series... Oh well, suppose i could just make my own squad if i wanted to reign...

Oh, yeah, and GREAT job with this series! 10/10!

Haven't got time to write more, i'm off to reading Shadow Spartans!
Arinoth Koby
9:47 pm | July 1, 2003
pooman, Agent Shade and myself are making a fan fic series together called Shadow Spartans so he still will be writing more fan fics, just with a partner right now
9:39 pm | July 1, 2003
o ya thanks 4 makin the sniper live
9:29 pm | July 1, 2003
ya, great way 2 end that series, the entire series got a rating of 80/80, that was better than any el_halo_diablo story i read great job, will u write any more fan ficts?
Agent Shade
8:58 pm | July 1, 2003
thanks Arinoth, we gotta get that next chapter of SS in...and what the hell happened to my story...sorry its all screwed up guys...hope you will still enjoy it
Arinoth Koby
8:56 pm | July 1, 2003
Great job, nice way to end a great series