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Comments for 'Shadow Ops, Chapter 7: The Mine'

Agent Shade
9:50 pm | June 30, 2003
lol, well, i will do my best guys...and sorry about all the "deads" i will work on improving that...appreciate everything...it may take me awhile to get the last chapter in, since i'm up here at my cottage, but i will do my best...thanks
3:27 pm | June 30, 2003
ya kill falvor (i hate elites) make flood with jackhammer launchers surround him then all of them fire at him and he dies and his head flies off and hits another elite and kills him muhaahahhahahahahhahaha
4:44 am | June 29, 2003
Man this series is kickass, and i agree with pooman, dont let the sniper dude die. Perhaps you should make that 'Favlor dude die aswell. Anyway keep up the good work, and try not to say dead so often! You know, "the marine got hit by the flood's whip and he feel off the back of the warthog, dead." There's just a few too many sentences with '.... ,dead' in it. Everything else is perfect! 11/10
2:13 am | June 29, 2003
you no what wen ever i read SHADOW OPS i run upstairs grab some chips and pop and get ready for a great story thanks for the good times

yes me and pooman are rellated my dad is dick man and his mom is pussy woman so they wen toghether like peas and carrots exept in a in and out motion

good gob cant wate for the next one
11:42 am | June 28, 2003
dont make the sniper guy die..... he is cool
Agent Shade
1:42 am | June 28, 2003
thanks a lot guys...probably just a few more chapters, then this series is done...i gotta have some of the team members die
12:25 am | June 28, 2003
great story again this is the best series i have read since el_halo_diablo (doese anyone know y hese not writin his third chapter of his interactive fan fict?) 11/10
8:45 pm | June 27, 2003
As i said before, this series keeps getting better!