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Comments for 'Shadow Ops, Chapter 6: The Outpost'

Agent Shade
3:18 am | June 27, 2003
thanks assman, i really appreciate that...are you somehow related to pooman? lol, thanks again guys
12:41 am | June 27, 2003
so far i have red all your storys and loved them this is fucking awsome i love how the covenant unite withe the marines and the fighting in episode 8

keep up the good work

they could make a movie out of this
9:11 pm | June 26, 2003
great story 10/10
Agent Shade
2:24 pm | June 26, 2003
thanks...why isn't anyone commenting on chapter 5 8(
8:47 am | June 26, 2003
This series keeps getting better!
Agent Shade
8:22 pm | June 25, 2003
thanks wiley
Agent Shade
8:22 pm | June 25, 2003
you know what i just realized...for both chapters 5 and 6, i said that Danial Clarkson was a Corporal, but in the list i provided of the squad, it said he was a private...stupid copy and paste...enjoy both chapters, two more coming...
Wiley K.
1:15 pm | June 25, 2003
Don't stop, need more.