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Comments for 'Shadow Ops, Chapter 5: Rescue'

3:43 am | June 28, 2003
Very impressive, enjoyable reading and impressive grammar and spelling, no mistakes seen. A typical story coupled with an innovative and creative plot brings upon me enjoyable reading.

I especially liked the depth of the characters and the way you use adjectives. But just as a heads up, improve your ability to describe the flood, they need more depth.
Agent Shade
12:23 am | June 27, 2003
thanks pooman and to wiley: i will keep that in mind next time, i wasn't aware that the score you gave me on chapter 6 was also for chapter 5...thanks
Wiley K.
9:57 pm | June 26, 2003
I thought it was awsome, oh, and when multiple parts of the same story are submitted at the same time, I put the reviews for all the parts on the latest part.
9:12 pm | June 26, 2003
great story it just keeps gettin better :) 11/10
Agent Shade
7:30 pm | June 26, 2003
thanks phil
4:48 pm | June 26, 2003
This is a great series, i like how you put a lot of detail and thought in your writing...i look forward to the next part of this series...i'd give this a 9.5/10

Keep Up The Good Work!
Agent Shade
4:05 pm | June 26, 2003
what did you think of this story wiley? and where are the VIPs?
2:58 pm | June 26, 2003
VIPs are going to have alot of reading when they get back...
Agent Shade
1:19 am | June 26, 2003
yeah, anyone going to comment about this?