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Comments for 'Shadow Ops, Chapter 4: The Alliance'

Agent Shade
2:54 pm | July 29, 2003
ok Tango, the Alliance does seem a bit odd, i agree there, but i am not the only author who has created a Human-Covenant alliance. read other stories and you will find ones written about an Grunt faction who is rebelling against the Prophets...another story even talks about the Humans and Covenant throwing their weapons down and living with one another...this idea has been explored before...and not all Covenant will have a hardcore loyalty to the Prophets...there is bound to be certain Covenant beings who do not wish to follow their plan of eliminating the Humans...look at Halo: The Flood, 'Zamanee (hope i spelt that right) doesn't return to the Prophet after he fails to kill the Master Chief...this proves that he is afraid of them and doesn't wish to be part of their plan...plus, if you think about it, a Human-Covenant alliance is a unique idea and it would quite exhilirating to see the two super powers come together and fight off The Flood...

there, i'm done...i'm sorry that this story didn't interest you Tango, but i hope what i've stated clears things up for you
12:11 pm | July 29, 2003
i know im posting this like a month after everybody else so its very unlikely anyone will read it, but it must be said. i had a major problem with the alliance. i think maybe uve forgotten the hardcore loyalty to the prophets and the 'gods' that all covenant possess. any covenant who would want to make an alliance would be killed by the prophets upon their return, not to mention probably tortured. that is way whacked. i hate it when nobody has any negative criticism in a review... u cant just be nice about everything
12:39 am | June 28, 2003
i shoulda commented on this part but i was gone......... it was great!! i liked how the covies formed an alliance with the marines... keep it up 11/10
Agent Shade
8:09 pm | June 24, 2003
thanks wiley...if you guys liked Battle for the Norah so much, maybe i will try and continue it after i'm done with this...thanks a lot for the comments
4:01 pm | June 24, 2003
Oh, and I liked Battle for the Norah alot/
Wiley K.
3:56 pm | June 24, 2003
Four words: Tears of the Sun. This story has me thinking of that movie so much. This is an awsome story, better than mine. Speaking of mine, look for the 3rd part by the end of the week. I think it's the best so far.

Can't stop, need more story!
Agent Shade
4:46 am | June 24, 2003
sorry sabrlancer, Battle of the Norah is being continued by Sterfrye, but slightly different...i honestly didn't think anyone liked Battle of the Norah...and don't worry, the sniper won't die...after all, i named him after me lol, i find i'm good with a sniper rifle in the game...thanks for the comment
12:23 am | June 24, 2003
this was a tight little story man. loved it. just hope that sniper guy doesnt die. i love the sniper rifle :) and when are you gonna make another part of the battle for the norah man?
Agent Shade
9:30 pm | June 23, 2003
thanks Shadowrunner, go ahead and use the Shadow Ops, thats fine...i haven't started the next chapter yet...better do that quickly...
8:20 pm | June 23, 2003
Forgot to post my e-mail in last post! WHOOPSIE!

7:50 pm | June 23, 2003

Shadow Ops TWIST
-with a TWIST of covenant flavour

;) nice work shade

More: I make the Halo2 series, and i thought about bringing ur ShadowOps team into this cuz' they're simply too freakin' cool
Agent Shade
3:39 pm | June 23, 2003
lol, yeah i am, i've always thought of an alliance between the marines and the Covenant, did you enjoy the story?
3:34 pm | June 23, 2003
Lol...You're using your original Battle for Norah idea for this!