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Comments for 'Shadow Ops, Chapter 2: The Marines'

2:11 am | July 29, 2003
awesome story... but its corps not corp and they wouldn't send ppl into battle three days after signing up. theres 6 weeks of basic training first, man.
Arinoth Koby
11:29 am | June 19, 2003
Great story dude 11/10
Arinoth Koby
11:29 am | June 19, 2003
Great story dude 11/10
Agent Shade
7:12 pm | June 17, 2003
this is pathetic, but a few weeks ago, i watched Black Hawk Down AND Tears of the Sun. we rented Black Hawk and watched Tears in the theatre. to be honest, those two movies kinda inspired me to write this...along with Ghost Recon
Agent Shade
7:06 pm | June 17, 2003
lol, thanks guys, yeah, i'm still in school 8P. but its no biggy, i will continue writing as soon as i'm done...glad to see you guys like it
4:19 pm | June 17, 2003
Wiley K.
4:17 pm | June 17, 2003
*laughs a Shade because he is still in school*

Now, the story: pretty cool, no complaints here. Remindes me of Black Hawk Down or Tears of the Sun. 9/10
1:19 pm | June 17, 2003
I know how you feel, my exams just ended last week. But your story was great, can't wait for the next one. 10/10