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Comments for 'Battle for the Norah: Prologue'

12:32 am | May 14, 2003
Only one problem, there were 2 spartans that didn't go to reach, beyond that it was pretty good.
Agent Shade
6:48 pm | May 12, 2003
thanks, Part 1 is in, so it should be up soon
1:44 am | May 12, 2003
intriguing storyline, very original, and i like your writing style, sounds like it'll be good, keep this up. great stuff
Cpt Crapper
12:34 am | May 12, 2003
lol.... nice beginning part
Agent Shade
6:38 pm | May 11, 2003
you're right, Cortanna did say there was nothing left, but their scans didn't find the piece of Halo that had been blasted far out into the system...lol, Dustin Echoes? hahaha, thats good
5:56 pm | May 11, 2003
Sounds like a good plot.

The only fault being that the MC and Cortana scanned for survivors. And found only dust and echoes.

My sister thought they said Dustin Echoes and thought he was a person...Is that some happy crappy or what?