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Comments for 'Shadow Ops II: Chapter Ten'

6:57 pm | April 12, 2004
Josh Plev
12:29 pm | January 22, 2004
Mabye they dont taste good Horror. haha, i wouldn't want to eat rotting flesh and blood.
but then agian, the flood are beserk so who know what they wouldn't do. Agent Shade, is Vivic in the Inner Colonies?
9:24 pm | January 18, 2004
sorry for my absence, but I do have a resonable explanation this time unlike when I started Old Style,my computer is broken (X_x) and won't turn on so I have to wait for it to get back from the shop... anyway now that my erm musn't swear, bad situation is known

Nice story Shade the chaos, the detail, my only thought is why don't the flood jump onto the Pelicans or would not the marines get infected? One thing I've always wondered about the flood is why don't they just go cannibal if they can be in such mass numbers?
Josh Plev
7:20 am | January 18, 2004
hey, another good story. Those spider mines were pretty wicked too. dude, sound like the spider mines from StarCraft. you get the spider mine idea from SC? well, thats cool either way. spider mines always kick ass. but you described the mines almost exactly as they are in SC. oh well. keep it up.
1:36 pm | January 16, 2004
Ah, the saga of SO2 continues. Just one correction: the rocket launchers are 102mm not 108mm. Very nice.

Semper Fi

Mightius Jinkius
1:12 am | January 16, 2004
Shade! I haven't read your good-stuff in the Lord-only-knows-how-long, but I'm very-happy-yay for how this is coming along-so-far. Keep-it-up.

(Sorry for all the hyphens...)
4:07 am | January 15, 2004
Great story, I like the way you described the chaotic battle scene when the marines left.

I give this an A, keep up the GOOD work.
3:42 am | January 14, 2004
good as always, i'm doing this school thing to so i haven't been able to post my chapters for Battle for Tectron like i would like to
Agent Shade
3:36 am | January 14, 2004
thanks guys, glad to see you haven't forgotten about me or anything lol sorry about all the problems....as for the jockeys firing really slowly, i have no explanantion....maybe they were under fire and had to wait until it calmed down or something...thanks again
Steve Ollett
9:29 pm | January 13, 2004
To Jamirus99: Apologies - it has been a while since I have read the Halo novels... it just seemed too similar to 'Sausage-Jockeys' which, in the interests of taste and decency, I'll not discuss further (yuck!)
8:26 pm | January 13, 2004
Steve Ollett, rocket-wielding marines have been called rocket jockey's by the authors of the Halo books. That is their designation.

Shade- taking that Starcraft theme all the way, aren't you? ;-) It was good, but what's with the rocket jockeys firing slowly? You do know that they have two barrels and reload in less than ten seconds?
12:45 pm | January 13, 2004
I liked it too. The spider things are indeed cool.

I guess Louis' note was to me, cause I don't put my real address. But how do I do it if I don't want everyone to know my e-mail? There are some retards out there. I'll resudmit YET AGAIN. With proper e-mail.
Steve Ollett
11:39 am | January 13, 2004
Cool... I like the spider things. They remind me of the spider things in Minority Report, only yours kick ass in a BIG WAY!

It's a shame that your Pelicans weren't fitted with Napalm or something to take out all of those Flood. Either that or you could have carpet bombed them or something.

One small criticism: What Marine would want to be referred to as a 'Rocket Jockey'?