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Comments for 'HALO 2:WARFRONT'

12:56 pm | January 19, 2004
Cool. A little more proffesional sounding than most. V nice!
Vi3tl3l3oi 023(Return of CPT CRAPPER)
12:47 am | September 17, 2003
1000 fan fics n counting, B... ::anti spartan fool:: but newayz... nice.
Adlin Yusman Yusoff
10:06 pm | September 16, 2003
Thanks guys, i will be posting new chapters as soon as i churn 'em out, so hang on to your hats..there's gonna be one hell of battle! :)
Alpha Lance
9:21 pm | September 16, 2003
Man that was good for a new comier, keep it, and you must be 18 or something to be writing that good. And make the next one longer. Lol Sergant B.
Sergeant B
7:06 pm | September 16, 2003
Master Chief again! Who cares anymore anyway! No one listens to me, god dammit!

Very good man! I like it.
6:41 pm | September 16, 2003
Better than most of the other stories, I liked it. Hopefully you'll come out with some more in the same vein.