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Comments for 'Chapter 5: The Beginning'

2:38 pm | May 19, 2003
I did a couple of times, but I clicked on fan fiction instead of post comment and didn't realize I did. But they're all pretty good.
12:56 am | May 19, 2003
Steel, you've been reading my series the whole time? Why no reviews man? I've been begging people to review it, but no dice. Oh well, thanks for the feedback now guys.
12:09 am | May 19, 2003
Continuing a good job, I see. 9/10!

You write some of the longest sentences I've seen. The second paragraph was just ONE sentence.

But, then there was that guy whose whole story was a single paragraph...
Wiley Kimball
4:51 pm | May 18, 2003
I love this story, keep them coming. 9.5/10