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Comments for 'Zanzibar: The Waterworks-Chapter 15'

6:36 am | July 22, 2004
Your actions sequence was pretty demanding, but you kept it together well. I was most impressed with the ending. Most fanfic series writers don't give it enough attention, since the real ending is yet to come. But unless you tease the reader with your endings, they won't keep reading.

Great job SB.

C.T. Clown

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hunter that dances
7:33 pm | July 21, 2004
the comment for 15 is in chapter 14
7:19 pm | July 21, 2004
Which story did I submit 20 times? If it was my chapter 4, then I'm going to have to take myself outback and have my brother beat me.
343 Salty Beans
6:45 pm | July 21, 2004
Thanks. And Elite, next time don't submit your story twenty times.

5:40 pm | July 21, 2004
I hope the Chief rips Ackerson out. The dirty ####. Anyway, they just keep getting better, do you think you should call the Halo novel your going to write, Halo Rise of Galaxies.
Dave Luck
4:53 pm | July 21, 2004
I can feel the suspense growing....

- Dave.