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Comments for 'Zanzibar:The Waterworks-Chapter 12'

4:15 pm | July 3, 2004
Good job.

8/10 (good descriptions, but like you said, lacking action)
1:39 am | July 3, 2004
This story was so horrible........................


I really enjoyed this story! Keep it up! Very few grammatical errors and typos. Overall:GREAT!

343 Salty Beans
3:05 pm | July 2, 2004
Thanks, all. Typing up the next part right now, and it's LONG. I'm making it extra good, with fewer typos and stuff, and MORE ACTION! w00t!

The NEW Zak
1:26 pm | July 2, 2004
Extremely sorry about the confusion, that post that was under my name is not me, it was one of my friends who found out my username.
6:03 am | July 2, 2004
I don't know why you were so down on it in your note, SB, the story was great. Excellent job.

C.T. Clown
343 Salty Beans
3:21 am | July 2, 2004
Zak, Why exactly do you ask that question? Not many people care about newbs and newbies (aka u and me).

Stop turning up at my doorstep. It's totally freaking me out.

The NEW Zak
2:00 am | July 2, 2004
Does anyone here still remember me? Oh, and as always, 343 Salty Beans, another greatly-written story!
343 Salty Beans
1:37 am | July 2, 2004
OK, I found a GIANT error that will confuse people if they see it without reading the first part of the series (i don't know why some people do that, but they do). Anyhoo, first paragraph of the second section (the one about Red Team), John calls Linda 'Blue-Two'. She's Red-Two, Blue-Two is Will.

12:07 am | July 2, 2004
what dari said, and just as good as always
7:33 pm | July 1, 2004
I definitely agree.
7:05 pm | July 1, 2004
An enjoyable read, as always.