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Comments for 'I am 343 Guilty Spark-Part 1'

white grunt
4:15 am | June 19, 2004
very good work i had fun reading it make more!
4:08 pm | June 18, 2004
343 Salty Beans
3:34 am | June 18, 2004
Sorry about the gender differences. I always think of 343GS as a female, even though most people regard him/her as a guy. Or maybe GS is a shim. What do I know?

Thanks, CoLd. I can't tell you how much I appreciate that. That makes me want to work even harder.

You inspired and motivated me. Do you have any idea how hard that is to do to a beach bum?

I'm starting to regularly visit this section, and hope to keep up this series for another episode or two, then back to good ol' Zanzibar. Thanks for reading this, since it's probably my best work.

Solidus Snake
10:57 pm | June 17, 2004
Nice story or should I say theories. And like CoLd I like the Brust Tansmissions. Keep up the great work!
CoLd BlooDed
10:12 pm | June 17, 2004
Wow, you definately are apart from all the newbies around here. Wonderful work.

I liked the burst transmission ideas, and the way you fixed 343 Guilty Spark's personality into the story. I thought it was good.

Use of the code, acceptable.

Keep it up man.
MC's Cousin
4:17 pm | June 17, 2004
Hmm...interesting indeed. This was an intersting collection of theories, put into a first-person point of view. I acn't say I didn't like it, either. It had the quality to it that made it sound very similar to 343GS's thinking.
How he escaped. Where he is going now. What he found in the computers on the PoA.

I won't go so far as to say it was "awsome," but it certainly was entertaining, in a way.

Signing Off

12:30 pm | June 17, 2004
Make up your mind 343SB, is 343GS a him or her?
Nick Kang
1:37 am | June 17, 2004
I'm highly regarded? Since when? Is this true? I'm confused.

343 Salty Beans
7:12 pm | June 16, 2004
Ha, thanks man. The transmissions at the beginning are from 343GS himself (from an automatic insurance protocol the Forerunners programmed into GS for reasons obvious-in case she went insane, which she inevitably did).

Thanks Nick. I'm glad I got an 'awesome' rating from a highly-regarded regular.

Nick Kang
11:02 am | June 16, 2004
Yeah, this was awesome! But it makes you wonder...where did the burst transmissions come from? The Sentinels? Or something else?

10:15 am | June 16, 2004
Cool! That was wicked! I've gotta catch up on your Zanzibar series. I think I read up to number 4-I can't remember. Anyway this was good!
9:07 pm | June 15, 2004
Interesting take on 343 GS. I cant say i didnt like it. In fact i enjoyed it. Very Interesting indeed.