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Comments for 'Zanzibar-Chapter 6'

Nick Kang
12:09 pm | June 15, 2004
I liked it. Unfortunately, I happened to be eating breakfast when I read the authors note.

1:10 am | June 15, 2004
Call them shifty, and sell them!
MC's Cousin
12:18 am | June 15, 2004
Ah, perhaps I read through that part a bit quickly. Simple mistakes, in FF, they need to be avoided. Darn my fast eyes...

Signing Off

6:38 pm | June 14, 2004
Pretty good Salty.

MCC, the rope burned through his glove, not his hand.

I thought the Brutes died a bit too easily, but it wasn't a big deal.

A bit short, but I understand you were tired.

Good job, and thanks for using the Code.
MC's Cousin
8:02 pm | June 13, 2004
Sounds a little like your pulling material from H:FS. Just a little, though. I'm not sure why Fred's hands would have burned THROUGH his armor. But whatever.
Good, overall. But you still have work to do.

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