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Comments for 'Zanzibar-Part 4'

SpecOps 3
3:36 pm | June 30, 2004
I absolutely love your stories. Keep on writing man! :]
343 Salty Beans
11:24 am | June 3, 2004
For info, I live near LA, and their beaches are like seawge pits. But San Diego is blue water sweetness.

But that's off subject. Thanks, Forerunner, for the first compliments I've gotten on this story, and thanks, Dave Luck, for more.
Dave Luck
6:48 pm | June 2, 2004
Well, not bad! Excellent writing quality in these troubled times of colloquialism and internet shortforms. I for one am glad to see that someone at least decided to use proper spelling. Thank you, and keep on Rockin! Peace, Man.
4:26 pm | June 2, 2004
The northern California ones are, up by San Fransico and stuff, but down by San Diego the beaches are really nice. I know this because I lived in both city's before.

Anyway, great story. THe code definately made it alot smoother to read, and the action sequences were great. I really don't have a problem with the whole Grace thing, cus the way I see it each fanfic story is a spinoff of halo, its own alternate reality. You could have a billion Spartans alive and it wouldn't bother me because its your story.
4:17 pm | June 2, 2004
I heard most of the Cali beaches were nasty though.
343 Salty Beans
1:41 pm | June 2, 2004
Sorry I'm releasing so little of my story at a time, but I'm pretty busy. Next week is finals (I'm a sophomore in highschool) and being a California guy, I have this thing called the beach that I go to all the time. But during the summer I'll make it better-I promise.

Note: This one has the code HOORAY!