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Comments for 'Pillar of Autumn Fanfic'

3:32 am | May 29, 2004
In the name I mean.
3:39 am | May 28, 2004
Is fanfic really necessary on FANFIC sites?
2:31 pm | May 26, 2004
It was well written even though i don't like stories about the SPARTANS or stories that have been done in the books. Things didn't happen like that in Halo The Flood. Its better to write stories about the war outside of the game and the books, or stories that play off of or fill in certain events thare aren't mentioned in the books or the game. I mean how many stories do i have to read bout the game.

343 Salty Beans
1:26 pm | May 26, 2004
Thanks. I just didn't really re-read it, cuz I wrote it nearly a year ago.
11:49 am | May 26, 2004
Why would anyone flame this fic? I think it's really well written and fills in some holes with the Halo storyline. Very good fic.