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Tricks? Part 2
Posted By: zhenoob<angelex2@hotmail.com>
Date: 28 March 2007, 4:46 pm

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The Truth and Reconciliation

The pelican touched down, and the master chief stepped off, while the other marines had to hop off. The master chief ignored all the chatter between cortana and the sergeant that was going on and went straight to sniping the numerous, heavily armed, and completely oblivious opponents in the next area. After putting a armor piercing bullet through each of the Covenant's head, he proceeded around the corner, to see an angry crimson elite level it's plasma rifle at his head. Without thinking, the master chief threw a fragmentation grenade at it's feet, pushed it over, and dove behind the wall. Boom! A cloud of dirt came up and the master chief wiped it off his visor. The elite was angry and started charging at the master chief. It whacked him. "Ouch!" the master chief cried sarcastically as his sheilds flickered, and delivered a crushing blow to the elite's helmet with the end of his assault rifle, killing it.

After fighting through another group of covenant, the master chief was rounding a bend when he saw some tree branches poking out of the side of the wall. Curious, he climbed onto them, and after numerous attempts, managed to climb to the top of the plateau. The view from ontop was glorious, he could see all the enemies from the top, and could observe the bottom of the covie cruiser more closely. "Ooh! Pretty!" The master chief said as purple beams of light lashed towards him from the grunts in turrets.

The "pretty" beams of light ate up his sheilds quickly, and the master chief quickly lay on his belly. Pulling out his sniper rifle, he sniped all the grunts out, and was amused when they fell out through the turret rather than tumbling off. Did dead things fall through objects? He didn't know that. After sniping a few more enemies that were smart enough to expose themselves in the open, he dropped down to the final area, the gravity lift.

A couple of grunts woke up, and started running away, screaming loudly. The master chief fumbled a plasma grenade, and threw it at them. They ran even faster as the grenade attached itself to one of their asses and a second later they were both blown sky-high. Cortana must have assumed that the marines were dead, as soon, a pelican full of marines came onto the scene, along with a covenant dropship chock-full of grunts and jackals. With help from both groups of marines, the master chief was able to eliminate wave after wave after wave of enemies from the ship's gravity lift, and was ready to give up when a pair of hunters fell from it.

"OH SHIT!!!" the master chief cried out loud, giving away his position. "Oh, silly me." he muttered as they charged up their fuel rod guns. Doing the only thing he dared to do, he charged at them, taking them completely at surprise, he circled one of them and injected it in the ass. The other hunter, angered by the loss of it's bond brother, tried to whack the master chief, only to join his bond brother a second later. The master chief swapped his assault rifle for a needler, because, no, not because the needles were pretty, but because the needler itself looked nice.

Ten marines encircled him on the gravity lift, and soon they were all in the ship's cargo bay. Surprisingly, only five marines were with him. Where were the others? Maybe they knocked their heads on the hull and fell back down or something. Ouch.

It was quiet, and a marine made a comment. Suddenly doors started to open, and Covenant flooded into the room. Using his 1337 skills and needling needler, the master chief was able to dispatch all of them, under another pair of hunters arrived on the scene. Sighing, the master chief repeated the process, and gutted them both.

After fighting more and more shitloads of covenant, the master chief arrived at the covenant cruiser docking bay. There, was a Wraith, and lots of crates lying around. Using a marine as a step, he climbed onto one of the higher piles of crates. Strange, the marine wasn't crushed with his 500kg worth of Spartan. Maybe the physical training sessions had been lengthened since he had left the Academy. Climbing up to the second floor, he had to leave the marines behind, he then proceeded with standard procedure, shoot, kill, shoot, kill, spam grenades.

Finally after killing a couple of pesky camo elites, the master chief deactivated the force sheild and captain Keyes came out, talked a load of crap, and the chief managed to catch something, "they call it, halo." Remembering the screen from the Pillar of Autumn, their destination solution then was already marked as "halo", how did Keyes know then? Wierdo, he thought.

After more corridors of blood spilling and skull cracking, the master chief arrived back at the bridge, and saw walking energy swords. Creeping up behind one, he estimated where the elite holding it would be, and gave it a hearty SMACK to the back. Blood spurted out of nowhere and an elite fell to the floor. The master chief picked up its sword but it deactivated, leaving him with a stick while the other elite charged at him. Throwing the stick at the elite, he dodged it's swipe, to find none but the elite dead on the floor. Huh?! WTF?! Oh, yea, these elites are VERY weak.

After killing more enemies, captain Keyes commandeered the dropship in the bay and moved them all off, not before squishing a couple of hunters though. :)


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