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Tricks? Part 1
Posted By: zhenoob<angelex2@hotmail.com>
Date: 18 March 2007, 6:52 am

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*this is a collection of tricks and fun stuff i've seen and read, turned into a story! XD

Pillar of Autumn

The Master Chief was in a deep, cold sleep. Suddenly, something poked him in the side, and he felt WIDE awake. A yellow suited techinician stood infront of his cryotube, and suddenly, the seal lifted and the Master Chief climbed out.

The technician looked up at the Master Chief in awe, then the Master Chief suddenly jumped backwards onto the cryotube, and disappeared when the cryotube door fell back down. WTF?! The technician thought, but just said his lines and went to the door to stand there like an idiot anyway.

The Master Chief fell through the floor and onto some sort of invisible platform in space. There, he saw Halo. Wow! He ran towards it, and suddenly a line of text appeared on the top left corner of his screen. "Press 'x' to flip " Huh? He didn't know what it was, but he "pressed" X anyway. Nothing happened. Aww well. Suddenly, he froze, and a smallish blue box appeared in the middle of his FOV. Small lines of text appeared, and the little blue light moved down to "Load last checkpoint". And the Master Chief found himself back outside the cryotube, looking at the technician.

He followed the technician outside, just to see him get blown up by an explosion. Jumping over a couple of tubes, he ran all the way to the bridge, somehow managing to pick up a plasma rifle on the way. After talking a load of crap to Captain Keyes and downloading Cortana into his suit, Keyes gave him his pistol! OMG the most powerful weapon in the Universe was in his hands! He proceeded out and killed some grunts with headshots. Picking up an assault rifle, he proceeded to battle some Elites. Wait, how can he have an assault rifle, pistol, and plasma rifle at the same time?! Aww nuts who cares, he has three weapons! Battling his way through the ship, he got onto a lifepod, and blasted off into space, towards HALO!!



The bumpy ride down onto Halo wasn't very fun, and the crashlanding wasn't very fun either. Having knocked himself out from the extremely retarded crash, he woke up to Cortana's voice. "Chief! Chief! Are you alright? Can you move?" He thought to himself, If I'm standing up, its quite obvious that I can move right?! He ran out of the lifepod to a pile of weaponry, grenades and ammo outside from all the dead marines. Picking them up, he proceeded to run across a bridge that had no railings.

Suddenly, a gigantic shadow passed over him and a Covenant transport flew over him. Running quickly, he hid behind a rock and started shooting at it. Bad idea. Purple beams started slashing across the bridge at him and he had to duck to avoid losing his head. After dropping it's passengers, the transport flew off.

The elite in-charge of the grunts wanted to claim all the glory of killing the "evil" Master Chief for himself. He was halfway charging across the rail-less bridge when the Master Chief popped his head out from behind the rock and started firing at him. Putting his expert dodging skills to work, he dodged off sideways, to suddenly realize that the bridge had no railing, and plummeted off to his doom.

The Master Chief chuckled to himself as the foolish elite fell off the bridge, screaming all the way down. He then proceeded to blast the banshee frying his ass to hell, and charged the grunts on the other side of the bridge. After killing all of them, he changed his assault rifle for a needler, because the needles were pretty, and moved off. After killing several unfortunate elites, grunts, and jackals, he had a sizable amount of spare plasma grenades in a pile, and decided to have some fun. Firing a bunch of needles into an elites body that was near the pile, the explosion set off all the grenades and sent the elite body flying up, and up, and up, and even gaining a boost from the "energy tower" that was nearby, disappearing from sight.

After commandeering the warthog Foe-hammer had dropped him, he drove down the valley to a large hole in the wall. "This cave is not a natural formation, so it must lead somewhere." Cortana said. WTF!! The Master Chief yelled to himself, a cave with nice blinking electronic lights and metal passageway is most OBVIOUSLY NOT A NATURAL FORMATION! Thanks Captain Obvious! But anyway, he drove through squished alot of Covenant, turned on some sort of light bridge, and drove over and out onto the other side of the "cave". After rescuing a load of Marines, he abandoned the Warthog, and it's passengers, who didn't seem to want to get onto the Pelican, and flew off in the Pelican.

The "Truth and Reconciliation" next!!