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White Tiger is under attack!:A Marine's tale part 1
Posted By: Zak<hardy10091965@aol.com>
Date: 23 August 2003, 3:01 AM

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BOOM! BRANG!The warship,The White Tiger, carrying exactly 50,000,000 crewman and marines were under attack by a covenant air patrol over the surface of the ring world Halo. Pvt.Barnes was in a uneasy sleep when he was awakened by the combat alert alpha alarm.He immediately sensed what had happened,the covenant. He slipped on his fatigues and some light armor and shot out into the corridor. He came to a fully armored marine. "Barnes, the sarge wants you to meet him and a platoon of marines in armory 3, ASAP!" "Acknowledged."Barnes answered back. The private thought as he ran. "Armory 3?, thats nearly a mile away." As he rounded the corner he punched in the code for the vehicle bay and the door opened to his great relief. He commandered one of the warthogs. The room was filled with scurrying marines.As he was about to enter the vehicle only part of the ship when covenant burst through the door. He swerved violently, just barely missing a plasma grenade and fire. An elite shouted out a battle cry and fired with his plasma rifle. A couple of the shots melted through the warty's armor but it didnt do anything bad. Barnes returned the favor by bull-dozing the elite over. Purple blood splattered all over the windshield, but it was still see-able.I continued on through the vehicle zone hearing AR fire behind him,the marines were finishing off the rest of the covenant. After about two minutes dodging explosions and covenant, he made it to the end of section d-g vehicle zone. The private hopped out of the warthog and continued through the door."Good." he thought."Armory 3 is right down here." He dashed through the red arrow marked door to see about 8 marines(including the sarge)holding off two red elites."Private, grab a gun and blast those covies!" Barnes grabbed a M19 SSM rocket launcher and blasted one rocket between the elites. Body parts(elites, of course)went flying in every direction."Great work marine" Said the eased sarge."No problem." Barnes answered back."Okay,marines,get your assigned weapons and get ready to get off this tub." Pvt.Barnes walked over to a rack and picked up a M9 shotgun and loaded it with 4 clips,Barnes also picked up a M19 SSM rocket launcher and picked up 4 rockets for it. He strapped th rocket launcher to his back and kept his shotgun out as a primary weapon. Barnes was your standard heavy hitter."Hussle,marines!" Yelled the sarge. One of the marines he knew, Corporal Kyle Smith.He recognized Barnes and said,"Hey,man." "Hi,Kyle." The private answered back.Kyle was a standard rifleman,AR and M6D pistol."Cut the chit chat,I said hussle!" We stopped our conversation and hurried toward the sarge. "Men,the lifeboats are blocked off by a squad off covenant,thats where you come in,Barnes!""No problem,I've got it covered." Answered Barnes."Thats why your going to take point with your heavy weapons,we'll back you up......Move Out!" The private took the lead and hurried through a corridor. A group of grunts rounded the corner ahead of them."Fire!" The sarge instructed. I opened a shell into the group,the shrapnel killed three of the five major grunts. Kyle and the sarge killed the other two with three round bursts from their MA5B's. We continued on killing covies as we went. We knew we made it to the squad when we spotted a spec ops elite. I unclipped a frag grenade from my belt and chucked it at him,the blast took down his shield. This seriosly ticked him off, he fired his plasma rifle with exceptional marksmanship,he took down two no-name marines. The sarge took him down with a headshot from his M6D. We pressed on,getting closer to the lifeboats,when we heard the noise that marines fear,hunters armor clacking."Hold" Barnes said to the marines. Barnes peeked around the corner to see a hunter's fuel rod gun not two inches from his face,luckily the hunter didnt see him,neither did the other. Barnes carefully picked up a plasma grenade and activated it. He stuck it in the hunter's fuel rod gun and dived. The hunter fired suicidally at his brother killing him,the grenade killed the original hunter."I've never seen anyone like you,Barnes." The sarge said. I snapped back to reality and said,"Sarge,Marines,thers the lifeboats,make a dash!" We ran to the free lifeboat and shouted,"punch it!" We stapped into our seats and checked our weapons while the pilot took off. I had a M9 shotgun with 2 clips,a M19 SSM rocket launcher with 4 rockets, and 2 fragmentation grenades,not bad. "Entering Halo's atmosphere in 5!" The lifeboat lurched and started flaming."Oh,crap!" Yelled Kyle."Dang,lifted the brake too early,were going down!" Screamed the pilot.BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOM Blackness.