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Corporal Barnes and Corporal Smith; A Marine's Tale part 3, the FINALE (sad)
Posted By: Zak<hardy10091965@aol.com>
Date: 6 June 2004, 9:00 PM

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      Corporal Barnes was awakened suddenly by the loud noise of the dropship's engines."What," Corporal Barnes thought, "I fell asleep on a Covenant dropship and i'm still alive!" Corporal Barnes felt the dropship land and heard the pilot's dismount. They spoke with each other in their native tongues and Barnes heard them walk away."Why would the Covenant want my cross, they can't use it for anything?" Barnes thought. When Barnes was sure the Covenant were away, he started pushing really hard on the hatch that had him enclosed. After 2 minutes of trying, he gave up on pushing and just rammed himself into the hatch. It gave and Barnes fell on the cold, purple floor. He looked around and saw that he was in a large, Covenant hangar. He looked around for an exit and saw a huge hallway in the west corner of the hangar. He started walking down it until, just then, the huge shadow of an Elite started forming just around the corner. Barnes put his back up against the wall and stopped breathing. Finally, the Elite came, it was the same exact one that had took his cross, and he had it in a satchel around his waist. Barnes was about to curse loudly at the Elite, but that would have been a death wish. But just then, the Elite stopped and sniffed the air. Barnes didn't even think the saliva in his mouth was moving. But, to Barnes's relief, the Elite started walking again. For the next ten minutes, Barnes trailed the Elite through the base. It was pretty smooth sailing from there, until the Elite went into what looked like a Hunter Hangout. Barnes was definately not going to go in there. Barnes saw the Elite throw the hunter's a dark look, then he exited the room. Barnes was about to give up hope when he noticed a vent above the door. He pulled out his combat knife, reached up to the vent and pried of the top. Unfortunately, the lid slammed against the floor which grabbed all of the hunters'attention. "Oh, crap!" Barnes yelled as he jumped into the vent. The hunter's all walked out. One of the hunter's noticed the lid of of the vent. He then looked in the vent and saw Barnes. This angered the Hunter, so much, that the hunter pointed his fuel rod gun down the vent and fired. Barnes then crawled faster than a spider to the other end. He made it out just in time but the explosion blew him into the opposite wall when he made it out. His vision blurred. "Ohhhhh.." Barnes moaned. When he regained his vision, the Elite was standing right over him, grinning. That grin, he knew that grin. It was the same Elite that had almost killed him on the ship! "Remember me, human!" Barnes's heart had almost stopped, the Elite had spoken! "That's right, I can speak you're pathetic language," The Elite said, "Hmmm, this situation seems oddly familiar, oh, that's right." The Elite said as he leveled his plasma rifle at Barnes's face. "This time, your the one who's lights are going to go out." Just then, Barnes launched off the ground right into the Elite's stomach. They both hit the ground. "I believe you have something that's mine." Barnes said in a strained voice. The Elite then fired madly with the plasma rifle. When he did that, Barnes pushed the firing end of the plasma rifle right into the Elite's face, which melted it off completely. Barnes then ripped the cross from the Elite's satchel. "Thanks." Barnes said to the Elite's dead body. As he rounded a corner, he bumped into what he thought was another Elite. But, to his very big suprise, it was Kyle! "Kyle, what the crap are you doing here!?!" "It's a long story but it has something to do with that." Kyle said pointing at my shoulder. "What?" Barnes asked. "There's a GPS tracker chip made into the fibers in your shoulder armor." Barnes was stunned, but then he heard the rumbling of hunter's feet. the hunter's were still chasing him! "Oh, crap, we've gotta run!" "Why?" Said Kyle as he was trying to catch up. "Hunters!" Yelled Barnes. "OH NO!" Kyle yelled, now caught up with Barnes. But then Barnes thought something. "So this is how it ends up, running away from something like always." Barnes stopped running. "BARNES, WHAT ARE YOU DOING!" Kyle yelled going back for Barnes. "Kyle, think about it, we always end up running away from something, let's take a stand for once, even if it means dying." "Barnes you......you are.........right, we have to stand for something." The Hunters were now 20 meters away. "Oh, and, by the way, thanks for saving me." Kyle said as the hunter raised it's gun. They knew they were going to die, but they didn't care. "Goodbye, Kyle." Barnes said. They never did look at the fuel rod gun as it fired...............