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The Great Crusade,Part 1:Whispers
Posted By: Zado Zudamee<isnafolsonee@hotmail.com>
Date: 26 February 2005, 2:40 AM

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I know this part doesnt have any action,but I assure that the next one will.Anyways,enjoy the story!

He was sprinting through a forest,leaping from tree to tree.Above him,rays of sunlight pierced the canopy,casting a glowing light upon lucky plants and the occasional creature.He was searching for something,but couldnt find it anywhere.Suddenly,he spotted something upon the forest floor,and leaped down to it.His double jointed knees absorbed the force of the fall,allowing him to recover quickly.He reached for the glowing sphere that was just within his reach...


Zado Zudamee grogily opened his eyes as the lid to his crytube swooshed open,the warm air of the cryo chamber causing his scales to itch.He had been having a dream,but now he couldnt remember what it was about and was angry at being awakened.As the 8`7 Alien clambered out of his cryostasis pod,he looked around at the other occupees of the room.Various Sienghili and Unggoy were still in hibernation,their peacful sleep undisturbed by his awakening.

Finally,his questions were answered as a voice spoke over the communications system.``I see you are up,Zudamee.His excellency Tolsa Totulmee wishes to speak with you on the bridge.``said the voice,which was probably an engineer using translation sofware.``Report to the weapons station to recieve your gear.``It said,before the comm cut off.Zado strode through the door,wondering why the Zealot wanted to speak with him.On the way to the armoury,he walked past several Unggoy,who bowed to him as he passed.The usually busy ship was unnaturally slient,most of its crew in hibernation.

He finally reached Weapons storage,and walked over to the front of his cargo module.He carefully typed in a code,and was rewarded as its hatch slid open.First,he donned his pure white armour,which signified him as a Spec.Ops Commander.He then strapped his two plasma rifle to his belt,making sure their energy cores were at full charge.Finally,he carefully lifted a small,metal handle.He gazed at it lovingly,before pressing a button on its side.The Energy Sword Activating in a flash,the blade glowing a deadly blue.Zudamee slashed through the air a few times,then,satisfied that it was working,turned it off and placed it on his belt.Now that he had his equipment,The Sienghili exited the Armoury.

After another lng bit of walking,Zudamee stood at attention before the Zealot.His rank allowed him the privilege of not having to refer to the Ship commander as ``Excellency``,but he still held great respect for his captain.``Zado Zudamee,you have been summoned here to be briefed on your next mission.``Tolsa said,his eyes continually scanning the Holograms floating infront of him.``The filthy Jiralhanea have set up a base on Tlistan.As you know,this planet is important because it provides us with most of our resources.The Brutes took out most of our forces in a suprise attack,but there are still many warriors upon the planet.We MUST get it back.``Tolsa said,now turning to look Zado in the face.``My squad will take back the planet,and slaughter any infidels who oppose us!``Zado replied.``Good,gather your forces and take them to the drop pods.We will launch in 3 cycles,now go.``The Golden Sienghili said,before turning back to his console.

The Spec Ops Commander left the bridge,and started to head back to the cryo chamber.He suddenly remembered part of his dream,about leaping through the trees.``Tlistan is a forest planet!``Zado realized.Deciding he would wonder about it later,he stepped into the Cryo room.Along one side of the room,his sleeping soldiers were unaware that they were about to be awakened.Zudamee typed in a code on the holopanel beside the door,then watched as the cryotubes began to open.the first one out was his second in command,Isna Folsonee.Soon,13 black elites stood around him,some stiff from the long sleep.``Why have you awakened us,commander?``Isna asked,stretching to get rid of the annoying itch.``We have been chosen for a mission,warriors.We are going to wipe the Filthy traitors from Tlistan and gain Honour for our race!Now,suit up and head for the pod room.There are still 2 cycles until we depart,so move!``Zado said,then turned to walk back into the hallway.He was followed by his squad,who headed for the Armoury...

1 cycle later,Zado and the others were cramped in individual drop pods.Zudamee braced himself as the launch alarm began to sound,signalling that the pods were about to be dropped.``Launching in 5,4,3,2,1...``A voice said over the speaker.With a sound like an explosion,the drop pods shot out of the ships,and hurtled towards the planet at supersonic speed.Zado winced as the pod shuttered,chunks of armour being torn from the outisde of the pod.It began to glow red as the commando team entered the atmosphere,but the cooling technology kept the Elites cool.Finally,with a impact that almost knocked him out,Zado`s pod crashed to a lnading.He kicked out,kocking the door off its hatches.The other Sienghili did the same,some already drawing their weapons.Luckily,they had landed in a clearing free of infidels.``Engage active camoflauge and scan the surroundings!``Zado said,activating his own cloaking.The squad moved into the forest,an air of anticipation hanging around them...