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Athenians-II Chapter 3: Assault Part 1
Posted By: ZackDark<ftalves@uninet.com.br>
Date: 22 December 2003, 2:12 PM

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Carl "Shade" Dark. Sniper expert. My older brother. He likes to use silencers and 20x scopes on his snipers. Cold blooded and quick at the shot.

Watt "Boulder" Heinz. Heavy weapons. He's the team back-up. SMGs and Rocket Launchers are his favorite weapons. Big and strong.

Peter "Stone" Heinz. Heavy weapons. Watt's identical twin. Same likes and dislikes. Big and strong.

Robert "Grip" Johnson. Grabbing weapons expert. His guns are modified to carry lots of ropes with grips in the end of them. Fast and agile.

Dan "Number 6" Merton. Mechanic. He's best pilot and mechanic I know. Smart and precise.

Juliet "Rainbow" Starwer. Background expert. She likes to stay out of the real action. She only does the transport and support missions.

I'm Zack Dark. All-techniques. Squad leader.

We are the Athenians-II, a special soldier division trained to assist the Spartans-II. We use ÉNDJÀs battle suits that are similar to the MJOLNIR suits.


When our explosives were over, there were only ten Plasma Elites alive. We thought we were wasted but I remembered the Plasma Rifle, so I ran to one of the engineers and stole his rifle. All my teammates did the same and we all surrounded the remaining Elites and fired at them until they were only golden bones.

"We're clear. Send Covenant specialists down here." I said at the radio. "We have a trophy here."

The Covenant Engineers were interrogated by the specialists.

"Zack!!! Covenant destroyers coming from Slipstream!!!" Rainbow screamed at the INTERCOM. "They're coming out in 5 minutes."

"Where are they going to get out?" I asked her.

"A few kilometers from the atmosphere." She replied.

"Athenians!" I informed the team. "These bastards are going to glass this planet! We need to protect this technology! We're boarding the destroyers!"

"I'm going to catch you guys on the valley." Said Rainbow as soon as I finished the sentence.

"No. We need Longswords. The Pelican will take too long. Long enough for their energy to come back." I told her.

"Ok. Alpha 1, 2 and 3, you're going to take some extra passengers." I could hear Rainbow say by the INTERCOM.

"Alphas, you do not have the permission to full stop. You're going to fly at full speed passing under that metal arc that is in the middle of the valley!" I instructed the pilots.

"Are you crazy?!" Rock said.

"Just shut up and follow me." That was me.

We all went up the arc. We could see the Longswords approaching at full speed. When they were a hundred meters from passing under the arc, we jumped. As we all calculated right, the landing was perfect. Two on each Longsword. The back door opened and we all entered the interceptors. Shade was with me.

"Alphas, we need you to do the boarding maneuver." I said.
The boarding maneuver was an extremely dangerous maneuver if the target had defense cannons active. In this case, they were inactive, for short time, so, timing should be perfect.

We entered the vacuum room of the Longswords. When they were zooming at one meter from the destroyer we jumped out. Two seconds after our landing, the energy came back. Of course that The Boomer destroyed a couple of the Covenant ships before their shields got up, so, the Covenant decided to obliterate it before glassing the planet. What they didn't know was that, twice the much of Covenant ships of human carriers were dropping off Slipstream at that moment, so The Boomer could hide behind one of the planet's moons before being reduced to dust.

Back at us, Shade attached some C-12s in the formation of a circle on the destroyer hull. We walked to a safe distance and blew than up. The others Athenians met us near the hole. We all entered and found ourselves in a narrow, small corridor. The doors were locked because of the vacuum. The hole was slowly regenerating itself from the explosion.

"We must be careful. I expect a whole Covenant squad as soon as this hole closes." Said Number 6.

He was right. As soon as the last millimeter of hole vanished, five Grunts, seven Jackals and a Hunter came from each side of the corridor.

"Got an idea. Let's surrender." I told to the squad.

"Aye, aye." The squad answered.

The Covenants took us to the prisons. We waited 24 hours and by then we already had a plan. When the guards were shifting their turns, they chatted a bit before continuing with their "jobs". When the guards were chatting I punched the force field the hardest I could. It broke for two seconds, enough time for me to get out. The guards didn't realize my escape. I melted in the shadow and silently as the own silent I got behind the guard that stayed in the room and SNAP!!! I broke his neck. Half a minute later, the cells' force fields were down and all of the Athenians-II were armed with plasma pistols and rifles.

We got out of the prison room and headed to the reactor. Unluckily, to the Covenant, the ship's control room was in the way to the reactor. Inside the control room was a Prophet, a Field Master Elite and a Grunt translator. They tried to attack us, but we neutralized them. Prisoners of war.

The Covenants were too coward to shoot at us, just because we had a plasma rifle pointed to the Prophet's head.

They didn't even interfere us when we planted an explosive in the reactor. They even offered us a escape pod. But suddenly the Prophet, as fast as sound, pressed the rifle's trigger, killing himself. Let's say that the Covenants got a "little" mad.

The Hunters charged their cannons, the Jackals charged their pistols and the Elites prepared their rifles. A heartbeat later, a plasma tsunami was coming in our direction.

We took ours plasma grenades and...

To be continued...