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Athenienses-II: Chapter 2: Plasma Tanks
Posted By: ZackDark<ftalves@uninet.com.br>
Date: 17 November 2003, 4:17 PM

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Carl "Shade" Dark. Sniper expert. My older brother. He likes to use silencers and 20x scopes on his snipers. Cold blooded and quick at the shot.

Watt "Boulder" Heinz. Heavy weapons. He's the team back-up. SMGs and Rocket Launchers are his favorite weapons. Big and strong.

Peter "Stone" Heinz. Heavy weapons. Watt's identical twin. Same likes and dislikes. Big and strong.

Robert "Grip" Johnson. Grabbing weapons expert. His guns are modified to carry lots of ropes with grips in the end of them. Fast and agile.

Dan "Number 6" Merton. Mechanic. He's best pilot and mechanic I know. Smart and precise.

Juliet "Rainbow" Starwer. Background expert. She likes to stay out of the real action. She only does the transport and support missions.

I'm Zack Dark. All-techniques. Squad leader.

We are the Athenians-II, a special soldier division trained to assist the Spartans-II. We use ÉNDJÀs battle suits that are similar to the MJOLNIR suits.


Shade set up a nuclear explosive near the reactor and the twins blow the hull for us to escape. A modified Pelican, E.M.P. shielded, named "The Doom Puppy" took us before the nuclear explosion could kill us.

The pilot was Juliet "Rainbow" Starwer, another Athenian-II. Background expert. She liked to stay out of the real action. She only does the transport and support missions. She was the one who gave the Pelican that name.

Two hours later the Pelican boarded the Boomer, a human destroyer.

"Looks like we have another accomplished mission." General Barkingson said as soon as we stepped out off the Pelican. "But I need to talk to you Zack, alone."

The General took me to his private office.

"We received a transmission from the platoon that was exploring the planet M-2568." He said.

Suddenly, I could hear the transmission in my helmet.

"(Static) we are approaching a strange blue light (static) it's coming from behind that rock. We are closing in. (Static) Wow, this is beautiful and... What's that? (Static) AAAAAHHHHHHH!!!!!!(Static)(Gun shooting could be heard.) We are under attack I repeat we are under attack by...NOO!!! Stay away from me! AAAAHHHH!!!! (Static)"

The transmission went dead.

"We want you and your team to infiltrate and investigate what happened there." said the General as soon as the transmission was over. "You have an hour to prepare yourselves"

"Sir, yes, sir!" I answered.

As I got out of the General's room I did a mission briefing for my team at the holomap room. There we made strategies to approach the cave the transmission was sent from.

In ten minutes we were all at the armory choosing our weapons. Me, Grip, Shade and Number 6 chose to carry sniper rifles as primary. As secondary, me, Boulder and Stone chose SMGs. Number 6, Grip and Shade chose Battle Rifles as secondary. Boulder and Stone chose Rocket Launchers as primary. We all, except for the twins, took Plasma Swords and grenades. Rainbow would command a Longsword Bomber squadron from The Doom Puppy to bomb the place if didn't escaped alive.

We got to the planet by The Doom Puppy. The place where the cave could be found was all rocky and desert except for a Covenant camping site just around the cave entrance. It was down the valley and as we were 10 kilometer from the valley we had to walk to the top of the little mountains around the valley. Stone and Boulder were too slow because of their heavy weapons and ammo, so we had to walk slowly.

It was night when we arrived there. The Grunts were sleeping as I could see with my sniper. We decided to take out the mass of the Covenant platoon with the twins' launchers and the ones that thought to be lucky of escaping the rockets with the rifles.

I lowered my hand and the first salvo crossed the night. Each rocket killed five Covenant troopers and the sniper bullets made 10 troopers loose their heads. The survivors got into alert status and tried find us, in vain. I lowered my hand again and another massacre started and finished a moment later. The Covenant started to panic. Grunts were running like mad from the enemy they could not see. They heard a noise from a bush beside him.
We got out of our hideouts with our secondary weapons and ripped all the Grunts and Jackals.

Some Brutes got out of their "rooms" so the twins took their launchers and blow the Brutes out. Strangely there were no Elites there.

We all entered the cave. After an hour of walking we saw a distant blue light.

"General, we are approaching it." I informed through the radio.

"Proceed to Phase Two, Zack" The General answered.

"Roger, sir"

We all reloaded our secondary guns and prepared the grenades. We looked over the rock that was covering the source of the light. There were lots of giant plasma tanks, Covenant engineers and gold armored Elites. The Elites were entering the plasma tanks and when they got out they were...

"Oh, damn it."

...covered with plasma. Just like the ones we saw in The Behemoth.

Suddenly all the Elites turned to look at us. That was when the hell broke loose and the devil had fun.
The Elites jumped to our direction as the twin rocket some of them.

"Scratch one bug!!! A hundred to go!!!" Yeah, Boulder is a joker type of guy.

They reached us and we all, except the twins who were rocketing the Elites, took the Plasma Swords and started to fight. Block, dodge, attack!!! Block, dodge, attack!!! Block, dodge, attack!!! Another Elite down. Block, dodge, attack!!! Block, dodge, attack!!! Block, dodge, attack!!! One more corpse on the floor. Block, dodge, attack!!! Block, dodge, attack!!! Block, dodge, attack!!! Eww, that's nasty. Block, dodge... My sword's battery needs a recharge.

I looked around. All of our swords were discharged. We decided to use our grenades.

The engineers decided to shoot at us with plasma rifles. One bolt was coming straight to me, so I dodged it, but the Plasma Elite behind me couldn't do same. When the third bolt hit him, his plasma shield overcharged and his gold armor started to melt. He screamed in agony as his armor melted with his skin.

I threw a grenade just behind an Elite and when it exploded, he flew in the direction of another Elite and when their plasma shields touched each other they overcharged too, making the armors melt with their skin.

"That's easier." Number 6 said when he saw that happening.

We started to throw grenades at the Elites in a way that they would fly in the direction of other Elite.

When our explosives were over, there were only ten Plasma Elites alive. We thought we were wasted but I remembered the Plasma Rifle, so I ran to one of the engineers and stole his rifle. All my teammates did the same and we all surrounded the remaining Elites and fired at them until they were only golden bones.

"We're clear. Send Covenant specialists down here." I said at the radio. "We have a trophy here."