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Halo 3: The Beginning
Posted By: Zack Wilder<zackwilder118@aol.com>
Date: 26 May 2005, 5:13 AM

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Introduction:This is the continuation of Halo 2, the opening cinematic sequence of Halo 3. I assume that all of you that are reading this have already finished Halo 2, so you have seen the end cinematic sequence. This is actually overlapping with the end of Halo 2. Enjoy my version of Halo 3

       "And where, Oracle, is that?" Arbiter asked Guilty Spark. The little floating sphere of a robot turned to Johnson, then Miranda Keyes, and finally Arbiter again. Waves of light rippled from the "eye" of the Oracle.
       Arbiter had just defeated Tartarus, Chieftain of the Brutes and stopped Halo from activating. Yet, the universe was still in much danger. A signal had been sent out to all the other Halos and they were ready to fire on command. Guilty Spark had revealed that from the Ark, the other Halos could be activated.
       "The Ark," Guilty Spark droned, "You will not be able to get there anyway. It has already left."
       "What do you mean?" Miranda Keyes asked. She brushed aside a lock of hair in front of her eyes. Suddenly, Guilty Spark flew back.
       "Hey!" Arbiter shouted. He watched Guilty Spark fly towards a lumbering hulk.
       "It's Mr. Mohawk!" Johnson yelled. Guilty Spark attached to Tartarus' Gravity Hammer. Tartarus' fur was stained with blood, his and the Elites' that he had killed.
       "Meddling fools." He growled. "The Great Journey must begin! You have only delayed it."
       "Tartarus!" Arbiter shouted angrily, flicking on an energy sword. "I will end this now!"
       He rushed forward, ready to slice Tartarus in half. Tartarus removed Guilty Spark from the Gravity Hammer and swung over his head before slamming it down to the ground. A wave of energy exploded out and threw Arbiter back. Johnson raised his Particle Beam Rifle and took aim at Tartarus.
       The Brute Chieftain immediately activated his Aegis Shield, a shield that made him nearly invincible. Johnson fired two times rapidly into this shield to no avail. It was too strong.
       Arbiter climbed back up and ran forward once more. Tartarus ignored the Arbiter. Instead, he ran for the edge of the platform he was on. A faint humming noise could be heard in the distance. Elites leapt on the Brute from above, firing on him with their weapons.
       The faint humming in the distance slowly grew into a loud buzzing. Arbiter looked behind him. A spot on the wall of the control room was glowing red-hot. The spot grew larger, like a stain spreading across cloth.
       Meanwhile, Tartarus was swinging his Gravity Hammer, ending Elites' lives abruptly. The remaining Elites spread out, continuing their assault. Guilty Spark continued droning out words, but they were lost over the fighting. Arbiter looked once at Guilty Spark and leapt down to attack Tartarus. The Brute looked up and swung his Gravity Hammer at Arbiter. Another Elite jumped up to protect Arbiter and was killed as the Gravity Hammer slammed into him. Arbiter swung his blade. Tartarus backed away, but it was not Tartarus that Arbiter was after. Guilty Spark was sliced in half as the energy sword finished through its intended path.
       "Arbiter!" Tartarus roared. The enraged Brute ran forward, blowing back Arbiter with his sheer size and mass. Arbiter was thrown back. As he landed, he saw the spot he had seen earlier. It was white-hot now. Tartarus leapt up, ready to crush Arbiter with his weight. Arbiter rolled out of the way and looked at the white-hot spot. A Phantom crashed through the heat-weakened wall.
       "Finally!" Tartarus shouted. He ran to the edge of the platform and leapt off. The Phantom passed over him, beaming him up with the grav lift. Arbiter immediatly ran to the edge as well and leapt up. The grav lift had not deactivated yet, so Arbiter flew up. Right before he entered the Phantom, the grav lift deactivated.
       Arbiter fell down, grabbed at the edge of the platform ... and missed. With a cry of anguish, he fell to his doom. The yellow light of the bottomless pit flew up at him.
       "You cannot die yet." A voice moaned. Arbiter immediatly recognized this voice as the voice of Gravemind.
       "There is still much to do." Gravemind moaned. Tendrils curled around Arbiter and pulled him to safety.
       "What is it?" Arbiter asked Gravemind.
       "The Brute." Gravemind said. "He will find where the Ark is."
       "Where is it?"
       "I do not know." Gravemind growled. "But I know someone who can help you."
       With a column of light, Arbiter was teleported away.

That's the beginning of Halo 3. Yes, its short, but hang tight for the first mission: Cortana.