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The Halo Passages: Part 1--The Ring of the Heavens
Posted By: Zach Macchi<captainkeyes@sbcglobal.net>
Date: 8 March 2004, 11:01 PM

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The Ring of the Heavens
Floating in the space, in the darkness of this place
A giant ring of old, drifts through the clouds and cold.
Its brilliance is shone, although it is like a bone,
Of an old race long forgotten, its memory has become rotten.
The Earth on the inside, the machine on the outside,
It is a creation, of no other nation,
To behold by no others, as its memory does not have another.
It was given by the heavens, as angels sing and bring it in sevens,
A crown from their brow will wallow, forever as the Halo.
A symbol of great standing, that forever be the landing,
Until one day that its use is over, and then hide it with a cover,
That it may do no more harm.

The Forerunner built this place, to contain a hidden face.
And it holds something as low as mud; it is called a mighty Flood.
The Flood can slay, it can as it may.
And so it is to stay, hidden it may.

But the Forerunner had bigger plans; it would come from other lands.
Another would come to do this deed that may be done,
To destroy this Flood, and let it be returned to a dud.
That it may never exterminate, and never again contaminate,
The beings of this universe, but there comes a price in the fourth verse.

To stop this terrible fate, and make it ever late,
The beings must be eradicated, and therefore exist no more of latter dated.
But this must not be done, the Halo must be stopped, it must be destroyed and cropped,
Of all the Flood that it holds, and soon a hero will be so bold,
As to stop this thing of old, and then the Halo will be sold,
To the heavens that gave it once before, and then it will be forgotten in ancient lore.