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Defection: Part 2
Posted By: Zach Laskaris<JoJo@yahoo.com>
Date: 3 September 2003, 1:42 AM

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"Yeeeeehaaaaa!!" roared Ulamf as the Avenger fell away in the distance, becoming a speck on the horizon. "it's not over yet, said one grizzled Marine, scar over his left eye and a sergeants cap, there's gonna be Banshees. " he's right! squeaked Xreetu shrilly "Banshee fighters are gaining on us!"
"Damn it " muttered Toolmeth " how long till they're in effective firing range?"
" 20 seconds!"
"can't we use this things belly-cannon?" asked the old Marine
" no, it cannot aim higher then 90 degrees"
"couldn't we get above them?"
" Yes, but the cannon's plasma blasts are slow, and the Banshees can outrun them."
" we could force them away, right?"
"yes, but they could return."
" we could force them into a wall...." the Marine thought aloud "...or a canyon cliff! you!" he pointed to Xreetu " were's the nearest canyon?"
"below us-Moon Canyon."
" get there."

the Banshee captain smiled. They had opened fire on the drop ship and it was smoking as it dropped altitude into Moon Canyon. He signaled for his wingmen to drop below the drop ship and destroy it's hover stabilization field (the big blue plasma thing) As the Banshees fell below them, Ulamf manned the guns. As the first Banshee reeled forward, the guns spoke. the Banshee spun right as the plasma waves flew towards it. To late the pilot noticed the canyon wall. He attempted to pull up, but the plasma struck its wing and it fell towards the infinite canyon bottom. The second Banshee was easier- it was stunned by the firsts death and was plastered with plasma. However, with the crews eyes upon the battle, the ship almost careened into a bridge spanning the canyon. it barely managed to float above the surface. Ulamf struggled in his seat, if he didn't get out of his seat, he would be crushed by the bridge! at the last moment, as the gun broke off, the straps fell off and he rolled from underneath the ship just as it screeched against the bridge top.

As the dazed Marines and Rebels stumbled from the drop ship, one brash human stepped up. Aiming his gun at Toolmeth and prepping a grenade, he yelled " stop right there!" at once tension burst like a dam. The rebels aimed at the Marines and the Marines aimed back. With seconds left till a battle ensued, an old voice broke through the Marines lines " stand down marines." it was the older marine from the drop ship. "it's obvious these covies are helpin' us, and there's no time to explain why now." as to exemplify his point, more Banshees streaked towards them, growing in the distance. "hurry!" yelled Toolmeth " we need somewhere to hide!"
" hey! right there" yelled a marine, pointing at a door on the right part of the bridge. " go go go!" yelled the Marine sergeant frantically. As they ran towards the door, Cwozo dove forward, rolled, and smashed the activation panel wit his fist, opening it. As Toolmeth passed, holding the rear, tossed a plasma grenade on it, and dove inside as the door closed behind them. Shutting of the Banshees. Once they where inside, flashlights flickered on, revealing an old, great cavern. " We should get movin'." said the sergeant marine decisively. " who are you?" asked Toolmeth, awed by his sense of command. " Sergeant Jacob Daniels and who are you?" Toolmeth introduced himself as did his squad to the marines and the marines to his squad. After they set off, they didn't run into anything dangerous. After about 3 miles, they came to a gigantic room, which didn't have to much space to walk on, but rather looked like the big cavern in the Halo mission Halo, with the warthog and such. anyway, there was one big difference, and one marine noticed " hey sarge, look!" the groups heads swiveled to where he was pointing, and gasped. A great, ghostly image was swimming in the great void, echoing through the cavern. It was a battle, as an unknown race fought each other with swords and shields. " I see you newcomers have come across the Galactic Spectral Hologram Projector" said a brisk voice behind them, and the turned guns up towards it. A blinking green orb hovered there, a droid " who are you?" asked Toolmeth angrily. " I am 246 Fertile Spark, and am the warden of this installation."
"and whats this thing?" this device was created by our masters the forerunners to moniter the galaxy and attempt to stem the spread of infection 2451ER78, known to other races as flood."
"Toolmeth gasped, as did his squad, and even some marines"
" it also this installations mission to create Anditote 237I906C53 to hold the flood, and create successful forruner clones." "wha?..." Toolmeth's head was spinning. " however, this is none of your concern. You must return to the surface and keep your battles from unlocking the test subjects, or stop spark production"
" yes Subplasmicly Powered Advance Robotic Koilides"
" Uuuh..."
"Shoo! Shoo! I have work! 343B Guilty spark and 506 Scouter spark will escort you away! Now go!" the team was herded by tractor bots towards 2 robots on the other side of a lit Light Bridge.