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We are Delta: Intro
Posted By: your friendly neighborhood zombie
Date: 9 July 2008, 12:11 am

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Author's note: The stories of sector 8 are set in the Halo 3 MULTIPLAYER, universe so to speak.

In the year 2559, a war between the Human and Elite races ravaged much of the known galaxy. and somewhat beyond.
A young officer of the U.N.S.C. whose unit was stationed at the frontlines of battle had been one of the few soldiers to walk away from the battle of Gro-Kash, an Elite colony at the frontier of the Human advancement into Elite space.

Operation SANDTRAP was the advancement effort of the 4th Spartan ID (infantry division) the goal was to move ELEPHANT class mobile operation bases into a small ruin in the dunes of the
Gro-Kash desert, O.N.I conformed that a large Armored garrison would wait to intercept the task force in and around the ruins, what they did not know is a second garrison with SCARAB support was also lying in wait, O.N.I. missed this because the second garrison was hidden under the ruins where thermal image photography would not detect them.

Dawn broke across the horizon, LT. 2nd class Cole rallied his men out front of the company barracks and prepared his men for the battle to come with a short speech, Cole rarely did this, but today would be very different.

"All right boys listen up, and listen good!" almost everybody's eyes snapped forward to where Cole stood on top of a turret case so everybody could see him.

"The boys from the brass and their infinite wisdom thought it would be best to put us at the tip of spear for this one, well guess what, they were right this time." A few soldiers chuckled at the LT.'s sarcasm.

"I couldn't have for a better division of badasses to be put with, and I know for a fact we are gonna be the only thing that walks away from this hellhole, not only today, but from every fight those sorry ass Elites pick with us, HOORA?"

"HOORA!!!" every soldier in crowd replied in unison.

"Now mount up, let's go kick some ass!"

All around the lieutenant the camp was alive with the humming of tank and warthog engines coming to life, soldiers shouting, squad leaders calling formation of their fire teams. Bolts of weapons were being racked and magazines were slammed into place.

"Those split lipped assholes sure did pick a bad fight." thought Cole to himself as he ended to his own battle rifle, making a final inspection of its scope.

"Nice speech lieutenant." Said Major Nicholson hoarsely as she coughed as the dust of two lifting off HORNETS blew through the camp.

Major Nicholson was a tall female SPARTAN who had a fair complexion and a burnet head of hair with a regulation hair cut, she was only one year his senior.

"I don't normally make speeches I just thought the men company could use some extra morale with the assighnment and all."

"It's a tough one, there's no doubt about that, but I think it's nothing your boys couldn't normally handle" The major replied.

"You're to kind ma'am."

"It's the truth, now lets get out their and don't disappoint me Cole!'

They both laughed, then parted ways to their own vehicles, Cole went to his squad's PELICAN dropship, the major went to a modified ELEPHANT with covered back end set up like a small room with radio and a 3d holo projected map.

Cole's PELICAN roared to life and soon they were one of several dropships in the air, swarming to their target.

"You ready for this boys?" Cole boomed through his team's com chanel.

"Hell yah dude." A young private O'Donnell yelled in reply.

Cole's squad wasn't just a bunch of guys that served under him, they were his friends, and family, he was tight with everyone sitting in the troop bay of that PELICAN, they were tight with him, and Cole especially insisted on them not calling him sir.

So there they were, brothers in arms riding into battle, every man willing to lay down his life for the life of the man next to him, ready toslay the enemy, ready to journey into the belly of the beast, ready for war.

"We are Delta, we are your savior, we are your doom, we are the vanguard, we are the the sythe of the reaper, we are Delta company!"