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The Congo
Posted By: xNoToRiOuSx<nasty_louie@hotmail.com>
Date: 11 August 2004, 2:19 AM

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The Covenant have invaded earth in order to neutralize any and all resistance to make way for their settlers. The humans on earth are resisting the Covenant onslaught with all their might, but they cannot win, they cannot take earth back and save the human race, or can they?

The night was still young and the moon was full. Sgt Guerra approached the cliff edge. He surveyed the rough terrain far below. The trees swayed violently back and forth with the monsoon gale that was upon them. Moon shadows danced every which way causing havoc for the Sgt to locate a suspected covenant patrol. The Sgt raised his gloved hand to his helmet. A small yellow message appeared in the bottom right hand corner of his HUD. "Thermal Imaging Acquired."
The dancing grey landscape immediately took a new form. The Sgt was now thrown into the world of Thermal Imaging. Everything was blue: light and dark; but what the Sgt was looking for was not to be found. He motioned his team to assume a prone position along the edge of the cliff. And there they waited... and waited.
Lapses of consciousness to sub consciousness soon began to take hold. The team of UNSC marines had gone two days without sleep and were feeling it, all bar one man, Sgt Guerra. He knew the team was his responsibility, and nothing would stop him from acquiring his objective.
The wide canyon that confronted them was slowly drowning under the torrential downpour that was upon it. It was the beginning of an annual climatic change that brought with it, grim situations yet happy endings. It was the monsoon, and with it, it will bring endless rain, blistering winds, and worst of all, floods. And worst hit will be exactly where Sgt Johnson and his team are now, the Congo. However, with these treacherous conditions there came hope. Hope of new life and a fresh start, and that's what Sgt Guerra wanted to be bestowed upon his men. A fresh start against, the Covenant.
An hour and a half had passed since the sergeant first took up his position on the edge of the cliff. The urge to sleep had almost become greater than the urge to find the covenant patrol that was searching for the Delta Camp that was supposedly hidden within the canyon walls somewhere. Nowhere. The covenant would not find Delta Camp in a canyon, not even a valley, because Delta Camp was hidden high in the hills of the Congo rainforest, positioned in a place that's fate is to conceal it for all eternity.
Sgt Guerra looked at his watch, time was of the essence, he must move.
"Marines gather your weapons and provisions, we're going in!"
The eight foot tall elite affixed his steely eyed gaze upon the map of the canyon. Everything led too here. Had his intelligence officers failed him. He contemplated. "Maybe they could have situated their base upon the mountain. But how?" He thought.
A panicked scream from somewhere behind met the elite's ears.
"No, I cant believe it, how can it be possible?"
"What is it you weak pathetic fool?" Farique turned to face the frightened blue armored elite.
"Commander sir, our base has just detected a incoming asteroid warning, we are all going to die! We must escape, Right now!" And with that, the blue armored elite turned, and ran for the control room exit screaming "We're all going to die."
Farique raised his plasma rifle and fired a volley of rounds into the escaping elites back. The elite hit the ground hard and lay there motionless. "Let that be a lesion to all of you. If you are weak, you will be killed. I have zero tolerance on this matter! Now what is the status of asteroid, and where did it come from?"
A red armored elite turned and looked at the gold armored Farique. It came from an outer rim planet, they must have got knowledge of our base here and used a gravitational pull to swing it onto a collision course for this canyon. It is not big enough to do too much damage, most of it will be burnt up in the earth's atmosphere, but it will destroy this base and anyone in it. It will make contact in three minutes exactly."
Farique took all of this in, he knew that the extraction of the all of the complexes personnel would be near imposable.
"OK, listen up everyone, I have decided on only evacuating twelve of us. That consists of everyone in the room. Everyone else in the base are pawns that will be killed anyway, we must sacrifice them so that we can escape undetected, otherwise the human base that we think is located somewhere in this canyon will find us and kill us. Twelve elites can elude the ignorant humans and keep our presence unknown, but not sixty."
"Sir, why don't we all go, if we meet any resistance we will crush them?"
"Do not underestimate your enemy, we will suffer heavy losses and will probably not make it to the Camp Vilnig, at the end of the canyon, alive. And as we all know, seeing that these mere humans decided to try and overtake our air base, drop shipping out is not an option. Now get your things and GET OUT!"
Sgt Guerra tightened his safety rope onto his belt. He knew that if they abseiled down into the canyon, a return trip was not likely for some weeks. Not unless they could somehow find a way to climb the hundred foot wall with all their gear and provisions. A drop ship out of the canyon was not an option because of concealment purposes, and the canyon was blocked off by heavy flooding on either side. The twelve marines were boxed in with an unknown amount of covenant. However, Sgt Guerra was confident that he and his marines could neutralize any enemy they come across, even the highest ranked and most fearless elites within one hundred miles. And unfortunately for Sgt Guerra that's exactly what he was up against. It will be a fight to the death, and only one team can win