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Attack on ERISTOCK Part 16: Nothing
Posted By: xitWOUND117
Date: 24 November 2003, 1:40 PM

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Deployment +29 hours:28 minutes:17 seconds (SPARTAN-218 Mission Clock)/Surface

      George stared in disbelief as the armies of Flood fought one another. Infection forms tried to kill one another, carriers detonated everywhere. And yet there was some organization in this whole battle; it was like there were two forces of Flood and they could identify the difference. He looked back at his teammates. They were all frozen in place, watching the fight. Suddenly a huge bolt of purple plasma streaked down to the ground and vaporized a group of Flood. George looked up at the brown sky and saw the silhouettes of hundreds of Covenant ships. Dropships could be seen descending to the surface, carrying their deadly load of Covenant warriors.
      The Flood continued their battle undisturbed, until the dropships unloaded the thousands of yellow-armored Elites they were carrying. Flashes of blue light sparked all over the barren battlefield as the Elites powered on their plasma swords. The Elites charged into the mass of Flood, chopping, slicing, cutting, and stabbing their way through mangled flesh. The Covenant cut through the Flood pretty easily for a few minutes, but soon the Flood counter attacked. Once again the battle stood at a stalemate as the three armies battled.
      For four and a half long hours the SPARTAN's and their Marine comrade watched the aliens slaughter each other. Bodies covered the ground, Flood and Covenant, yet all three sides kept reinforcing their troops. Flood poured out of the structure, Flood were dropped in pods from the Hymir, and Covenant were carried to the surface in dropships. Bodies fell over top of bodies, blood flowed over blood. Yet after this long time, another force entered the battle. Hundreds of human cruisers, frigates, and destroyers entered the ERISTOCK sky, dropships poured out of them, carrying soldiers to the surface. Thousands of Pelicans touched down on the surface and dropped their loads of human troops, and bullets began to fly into the mass of alien flesh. Longsword fighters swooped low over the ground and dropped bombs over groups of Flood and Covenant. The Covenant ships fired upon the human fleet, and battle began in the sky as well.
      Mark stepped forward, his gun raised, muttering, "Filthy rebels." George held him back. "At least they are not fighting our men, for now," said George. Mark grumbled and stepped back.       For five more hours they watched the battle of four armies as they slaughtered each other. Screams of agony filled the air. Explosions rocked the ground. The sickening sound of bullets piercing flesh was a constant in the backround. George watched time after time as a soldier, Flood, Covenant, and human alike, begged for mercy only to have his body destroyed in a hail of violence. And yet none of the enemies seemed to notice the SPARTAN's hiding in the sturcture.
      Then one final and last group joined the fray: the UNSC. The armada of UNSC ships charged into the weaked Covenant and rebel fleets, ripping apart the enemy ships. Pelicans loaded with UNSC soldiers descended to the surface and the battle intensified. It became a countless number of smaller battles, a pocket of Flood fighting an onslaught of human rebels, an entrenched group of UNSC Marines mowing down charging Flood, a group of Covenant Elites slicing through the lines of the humans.
      Cortana contacted the UNSC fleet, requesting evac. "Negative," was the Admiral's response, "the mission is not complete. We'll send a pelican down with a nuke, get it inside the structure and arm it. Wait...Cortana?!" the Admiral said in disbelief. "Is John there with you?" "Yes, sir. I am." answered the SPARTAN II. "Damn good to hear you! Well, get that nuke inside and get your asses up here!"
      Soon they spotted the Pelican carrying the nuke and they watched it as it neared the surface. The pilot did an excellent job dodging fire from the surface, but when the Pelican was close to it's destination, a plasma bomb smacked into it's tail. The Pelican spun out of control and in a cloud of smoke crashed into the forest beyond the battle. "Oh shit," Morrurs said quietly. "We're going to have to retrieve it. Let's move!" yelled George, and the SPARTAN's charged out of the structure. George sprayed a hail of bullets into a blur of enemies as he spun, rolled, and jumped away from enemy fire. He pulled out his pistol and unloaded six rounds into an Elites head. Then he jabbed his rifle into the stomach of a human rebel, pulled the trigger, and watched pieces of the soldier's spine fly out of his back. George picked up the dead rebel's rifle, now he had two, and pushed further into the battle.
      A cry of pain through the COM channel broke his concentration and he spun around. He saw a gold-armored Elite holding a plasma sword, which was embedded in Morrurs's stomach. Blood flowed down Morrurs's armor as the Marine tried to gasp for breath, his eyes frozen open in shock. Mark, a few meters away, threw his knife into the Elite's head. The alien fell sideways and hit the ground with a dazed look on his eyes. Morrurs fell to his knees then collapsed onto the dirt. George kneeled over the wounded Marine as John and Mark killed any alien dumb enough to come close to the SPARTAN's. Morrurs looked at George with his eyes half closed. His arms shook from the pain and shock, yet he managed to pull a small piece of paper from underneath his armor. He handed it to George saying, "T-tell her I-I will always l-love her. Forever," he gasped. George slipped it into a pouch on his armor and held Morrurs hand. "I will," George assured the dying soldier.
      He let go of Morrurs hand and stood up, picking up his two assault rifles, and the SPARTAN's left Morrurs lying there. John looked back and saw an Elite crush Morrurs's face with his boot. The SPARTAN II felt a twinge of sadness, then turned around and continued pushing through the armies of aliens.
      They fought for ten more minutes and finally they reached the forest. The group of SPARTAN's ran into the dense field of trees, searching for the downed Pelican. About a hundred meters into the forest they found the Pelican, it's crew killed, and they removed the nuke. John strapped it to his back and the SPARTAN's returned to the battlefield. They pushed once more into the fight. George killed Flood after Flood, Covenant after Covenant.
      Another fifteen minutes later and they were only a few meters away from the structure. George ran to the door, and it opened. He ran inside and watched as John ran inside as well. Mark was only a few feet from the door when a plasma bomb hit a Ghost a few yards away. A large piece of metal took Mark's head clean off and the door closed. George dropped his guns in disbelief.
      Suddenly images began to flash before his eyes. He watched his parents pick him up and kiss him on the cheek, he watched as they read him his favorite book, he watched as he read his favorite book to them years later, he watched as he grew up through the years in flashes of memories. Then the images slowed down, he watched as he touched her face. Yes, her. He felt those thoughts rush through his head once more. He felt once more the unending love he had felt for her. He once more felt that blissful feeling of complete happiness. But the heartwarming memory was cut short by the images of her death, of his being kidnapped by the UNSC. Suddenly he was that worthless fifteen-year old kid again with nothing to live for. George let out a scream of pain. The pain of loneliness. The pain of being. The pain of thought. He slowly walked out of the structure as John watched in disbelief. A gold-armored Elite spotted him and ran over to him, then ended George's life.
Author's Note:
I'm sorry, this is all I can write. I know it's short, I know it's bad, but this is the last part of the series. And my last piece of fanfiction. This took a great deal of effort to write, and I'm sorry if it sucked. I've lost any motivation to write or to do anything. I know you all are probably dissatisfied and don't like this ending, but I don't care.