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Attack on ERISTOCK Part 12: The Uncovering of Illyadar
Posted By: xitWOUND117<ChikenDevilR2@aol.com>
Date: 24 October 2003, 3:57 PM

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Deployment +09 hours:19 minutes:59 seconds (SPARTAN-218 Mission Clock)/Surface

      George stood frozen in shock. Sarah and John-221 had both been killed by Luke, whoose body was now being beaten by Mark. George couldn't believe it. Why? was the only word in George's mind. The SPARTAN's had been like family, why had Luke done this? Suddenly another emotion entered his mind, besides grief, despair. He had lost three members of his team, how was he going to complete his mission?
      John-117 was also shocked. He stared in disbelief at the bodies. Every few seconds there was a muffled, liquidy 'thud' as Mark stabbed Luke's body with his knife. "You mother-fucking son of a bitch! Why'd you do it?! Why?! Damn you! Damn you!" Mark yelled, thrusting his knife into the body one more time, then collapsing on the ground. Mark took off his helmet and stood up. He had an odd gleam in his eye. Kneeling over Luke's body, he ripped off Luke's helmet and reached inside. There was a faint 'click' and Mark pulled out a small rectangular disc. Luke's video storage card. All the UNSC soldiers had chips in their helmets that recorded what they did and, if they died, what happened to them.
      Public broke the silence, "Mark, what is that going to accomplish? You killed Luke yourself, why do you need that?" Mark didn't answer, he just slid the chip into his helmet then put the helmet on his head.
      Mark started the video, rewinding it to the night before they were boarded onto the Hymir. He had seen Luke dissapear for about an hour that night, maybe it had something to do with his back-stabbing. He played it right as Luke left the rest of the SPARTAN's. He watched as Luke walked down a bright hall. He turned left into a maintence corridor and walked for about ten meters until he came to a rectangular hole in the floor with a ladder going down to the dark floor below. Luke grabbed hold of the ladder and slid down. He turned around and walked over to a locked door and punched in a code. The door slid open, and Luke stepped in. The room beyond the door was also pitch black, but there were two eyes dimly glowing red about three yards away, and there was the faint light of a cigar. Luke spoke up, "Luke-334 reporting, Mr. Gruenovic, sir!" "Good," replied the owner of the cigar. "What did the Admiral say?" the Mr. Gruenovic asked, in his low-pitched voice that had a trace of a Russian accent. "We have been ordered to board the Hymir, sir! That is all he told us, sir!" answered Luke.
      Mark was disgusted. Luke was talking to this man as if he were a general, yet he hid in the darkness like an escaped convict. "Very good. Here are the data maps and info on a building I'm interested in. The Hymir is going to ERISTOCK, as you probably know, which is were this building is. The UNSC wants to destroy or capture it, and you cannot allow it. Kill the SPARTAN's that are assigned to taking it. Now get out of here," said Gruenovic. "Yes sir!" Luke said, then he walked out of the room. He passed a man carrying a folder as he walked over to the ladder and began to climb back up to the maintenance corridor.
      Suddenly Mark realized something. He rewound the video until it showed the man with the folder again and he paused the video, then zoomed in on the folder. In blurry red letters it read, "CLASSIFIED: FOR ILLYADAR GRUENOVIC ONLY". Mark now had the bastard's full name, Illyadar Gruenovic.
      Mark turned off the video and looked at George. "Sir! I have the name of the man that Luke was working for! Permission to go kill the bastard, sir?!" Mark asked. "No. We have a job to do, soldier, and we will complete it. Retribution is not part of that. Now let's move, I'm sure the Covenant know we're here," replied George. George climbed out of the hole they had come in through and Mark and John followed. Cortana burst in through a COM channel, "Fifteen Ghosts are headed this way, I suggest we get a move on it." "Come on!" George yelled. He ran off into the forest, heading towards their goal, the structure. He knew they didn't have the firepower to take out that many Ghosts, so they had to out run them.

0928 Hours, December 13, 2552 (Military Calendar)/UNSC Hymir, near planet ERISTOCK

      The Marine commando exited the bridge and held his MA8B out in front of him, scanning for enemies. Seeing that the area was clear, he dashed over to a maintenance corridor. He turned on his flashlight and walked through the corridor for about two minutes until reached the end and came out into a docking bay. The only ship in the bay was the Marine's modified Longsword fighter. He ran over to it and ran up a ramp then puched a button to close the ramp. He then sat down in the pilot's chair and powered up the Longsword. After the fighter's engines fired on he pushed the throttle to seventy percent and the Longsword jerked forward, flying out of the Hymir. After he was clear of the Hymir he pulled the throttle back to twenty percent and then he took out the AI card from his pocket, shoving the card into a slot in the onboard computer. The AI flickered then appeared on the pedastal nearby.
      "Alright, I got you outta there. Now tell me what happened to the Hymir," the Marine said to Richard. "Well, we were right on schedule with the mission. We had launched the SPARTAN-III's and were about to enter Slipstream when a Covenant cruiser crippled us. Since the Captain abandoned the Hymir they figured they could capture the ship records and coordinate information, so they sent a large amount of boarding parties, but Captain Geredar, who had stayed behind, killed almost all of them. He was killed by a pair of Hunters, so I tried to self-destruct the ship, as I was ordered, but something overrode the countdown. Or rather, someone," said Richard. He played a video of one of the creatures walking onto the bridge. "Oh shit," the Marine said. "The last thing that happened was C-Team contacted me to request evac for a SPARTAN II," finished Richard. "A SPARTAN II?!" yelled the Marine. "Yeah," answered Richard. The Marine suddenly turned the Longsword around so that he was now heading towards ERISTOCK. "Send a transmission to C-Team and tell them to give you their coordinates. I'm gonna be the evac," ordered the Marine.

      Illyadar Gruenovic stood up from his desk. He walked out of his command office and walked over to the communications room. Every thing in the underground base had a dim metallic look to it. Illyadar shook the commanding COM officer awake. The officer opened his eyes slowly, then, seeing Gruenovic, he leapt to his feet, snapping a salute. "Yes sir?" he said. "Send a transmission to the fleet. It's time to mobilize: we're going to invade ERISTOCK," Illyadar ordered. The COM officer looked overjoyed when he heard Gruenovic say that. "Yes sir!" he said. Every single soldier in Gruenovic's army were battle-hardened pirates, mercenaries, assassins, commandos, and black traders. All were eager for battle and disiplined better than any UNSC Marine. It was time for Illyadar to strike back; it was the day Illyadar had been waiting for for twelve years.

      'Ilramamee was enraged. He was in control of the planet, not the Prophets! He entered his house, the Grunts jumping to their duty. 'Ilramamee could tell they had been sleeping, but he didn't care. He had bigger things to take care of. "Gagap!" he bellowed. The frightened Grunt rushed forward. "Send a message to all forces in the area that they are to take postition around the Ancients' structure, and all ships are to orbit the planet," he ordered. "Yes Excellency!" squeaked the Grunt. Gagap ran over to a holopanel and began to type. "Yalag!" the Elite bellowed again. Another Grunt ran forward. "Contact Urig 'Kapilamee. Tell him he and his troops should meet me near the High Assembly's building," 'Ilramamee ordered the little Grunt. "Right away, Excellency!" Yalag said then scampered away.
      'Ilramamee exited his building then climbed into his personal Ghost. Turning on the anti-grav engine, he drove off in the direction of the High Assembly's building. They would not take his power from him.

      'Ilramamee turned off the engine and climbed out of his Ghost once he reached the building. Six other Elites in black armor were waiting for him. One stepped forward. "Are we here to kill the High Assembly?" he asked. "Yes 'Kapilamee, we are. It is time we Elites showed them that we are strong, and they are not. We are the rulers of this Covenant. Ready?" 'Ilramamee asked. Six blue plasma-swords burst to life. There were a few 'wort wort wort's emitted from the soldiers. "We are," said 'Kapilamee with an evil laugh. 'Ilramamee signaled for the Elites to stay out of sight from the main door. 'Ilramamee walked up to the guard at the door. The guard was a gold Elite with a plasma rifle. He held out his hand and said, "No one is allowed into the building except for authorized members of the Assembly Guard." 'Ilramamee pointed his hand at the guard's chest then activated his plasma sword. There was a gasp from the guard as his purple blood gushed out of his rib-cage. "Is this authorized enough?" 'Ilramamee said with a laugh and shook the guard's limp body off the sword.
      Jaku 'Ilramamee walked over to the locked door and cut it open with his sword. "Alright, let's move!" he yelled back to 'Kapilamee's team. The black Elites rushed forward and entered the building, throwing grenades at the guards within and slashing flesh and armor with their swords. 'Ilramamee stepped through the broken door last. By then the remaining guards had retreated, leaving 'Ilramamee's team alone.
      'Ilramamee walked over to a holopanel near the door on the far side of the room. He pressed a button and it glowed red. A map of the building appeared, showing the position of the High Assembly. They trying to reach the dock and escape in a dropship. He laughed. "Come on, it's time to catch some rats!" he yelled, slashing open another door and charging forward.