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Attack on ERISTOCK Part 11: The Four Horsemen
Posted By: xitWOUND117<ChikenDevilR2@aol.com>
Date: 20 October 2003, 3:33 PM

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Deployment +02 hours:31 minutes:52 seconds (SPARTAN-218 Mission Clock)/Surface

      George stood at the holopanel in the room they had found, looking at all the data. It was all information about the structure they had been assigned to destroy or capture. The amount of Covenant interest in this structure was amazing. The area around the dig site alone had ten times the amount on the rest of the planet. Seven prophets were now in the area, and one rather famous Elite called "'Ilramamee". Covenant Grunts and Jackals were working hard to unearth the building, which had been buried under thousands of years of dirt. There were reports of Engineers swarming to the site, ordered by the "High Assembly" to evaluate the find. But why do they want it? What is it? George thought.
      And how can I read this stuff? He took off his helmet. The data, which had all appeared in English, suddenly became a mass of unreadable Covenant text. He put the helmet back on, and it was English again. Odd, he thought, I don't remember anyone telling us we could now read Covenant...

      Luke stood in the back of the room, unnoticed by everyone else. He had known about this structure for a long time. Indeed, when he had last contacted Illyadar Gruenovic he had been told much about it. There was no doubt now that the building he was informed of and the building C-Team was sent to take were one and the same. Now he had to do what was requested of him.

      George began to ask Public, "Were you told anything about the new-" when Sarah gave a yell of surprise. Then he heard Luke's voice behind him, "Drop your weapons, now!" Then he heard the clatter of an assault rifle hit the floor, than two more. "George, drop it!" Luke yelled. George dropped his rifle. He turned around and saw Luke holding Sarah with his arm around her neck, her helmet removed. He was using her as a shield, pressing his pistol against her temple. "Good. Now you die," Luke whispered into Sarah's ear and pulled the trigger. Blood spattered against the far wall and bits of bone slammed flew through the air. Mark yelled and leapt at Luke, but was only knocked back by two rounds from Luke's pistol. Luke turned his gun to face John-221 and the SPARTAN-II. John-221 was scrambling to pick up his gun. George tried to stop Luke, but he fired three rounds at John, penetrating his shields and killing him. The SPARTAN-II jumped at Luke, his combat knife drawn, but Luke ducked and threw his fist into John-117's stomach. George whipped out his pistol and fired two rounds at Luke. Luke rolled away and returned fire. But, preoccupied with shooting at George, he didn't notice Mark come up behind him. Mark took out his knife and drove it into Luke's back. Luke screamed in pain, but was cut off by a bullet penetrating his chest and his throat filling with blood.
      The SPARTAN's that remained alive stood in shock. Blood was everywhere, and three of the UNSC's super-soldiers lay on the floor, dead. Mark put his foot against Luke's body and pulled out his knife and he stood frozen for a second, blood dripping from the blade, then he started beating Luke's body with his knife. More and more blood flowed onto the floor and his armor as Mark furiously beat the traitor.

      'Ilramamee stood at the end of the long table, before the High Assembly once more. The Prophet across from him spoke, "'Ilramamee, we value every find you make. Your worth in this Covenant has no measure, for you have provided us with much of the Ancients sacred relics, and as you stand here today, be assured that you will be rewarded most richly at this war's end. We have thought much about your latest uncovering of an Ancient structure, and hours of meditation have revealed much. We believe your find to be accurate in saying that what you have found is the core to a network of the Ancients weapons. Having said that, we believe that this is not of great importance to us now, as the humans' final destruction is close at hand. But the intelligence that you have given us is unimaginably valuable. Your work here is done, but others have much to do. A fleet will be sent out immediately to destroy this 'Errth', and humanity will be gone forever. Their resistance has proven they are unwilling to be assimilated into our Covenant. But, as I said, you are done. All of the troops in this entire area must be pulled out and should be available for invasion by next week. There will be no more work here, for once the humans are dead, we will have no use for such an array of weaponry."
      The Prophet finished talking and floated out of the room, as did the other six, leaving 'Ilramamee to his frustrated self. Despite the Prophet's assurance that he would be rewarded, he knew he was of no more use to the High Assembly, therefore had no reason to be left alive. He had seen it hundreds of times, Elites in high positions fulfilling their duty and losing their lives. Soon he would be part of the invasion and in the first wave of attack. He roared as he left the room. He was not going to let them do this to him.

      John Carmand knew they were getting close to invasion time. Thousands of new Flood had arrived, all in Pelicans and lifepods, all armed and ready for battle. The loyal Flood were gathering, preparing for a final assault against those that had forsaken the Forunners' realm. Soon all would be part of the Flood empire, guided by the will and spirit of the Forunner. The disloyal Flood would be eliminated, the Covenant crushed, and humanity annihilated. Their plan was glorious. John, for the first time in his life, felt powerful. He was part of something that humanity never was and never would be. He was glad he was a member of the Flood, and he was eager to see combat. He would do it for the Forunner. Humanity's own, turned against them.

0901 Hours, December 13, 2552 (Military Calendar)/UNSC Hymir, near planet ERISTOCK

      Richard wandered around in the Hymir's data archives. He was trapped in the computer, unable to contact anyone, and he had no control over the ship. More and more of those hideous creatures arrived, they were building an army. But for what Richard did not know. Suddenly new data began to scroll in through the command keyboard. He appeared at the pedestal near the main screen and saw a Marine, a real Marine, standing over the computer. "Hey, who are you?" he asked the man. The soldier jumped and pointed his rifle at Richard. He had a helmet that resembled the SPARTAN-III's helmets. He was clad in all black armor, and his rifle was a custom MA8B assault rifle that was only legend in the normal ranks. The MA8B was a commando version of the MA5B. It had a thirty bullet clip, but it had a scope, a launcher, it was able to be taken apart and hidden in the smallest spaces, it was able to fire semi-automatically or automatically, and it had a silencer. The MA8B had been created by ONI for use by Marine commandos. It had been used in thousands of assassinations of infamous pirate leaders and black traders before the war with the Covenant began.
      The Marine lowered his rifle, seeing that it was only an AI. "Where's the Captain," he asked in a low, rough voice. "Dead. As is the rest of the crew I suppose. But how did you get past all those....creatures?" Richard replied. "What 'creatures'?" the Marine answered back. "Look, get me out of here and I'll tell you everything," said Richard.

      Illyadar Gruenovic sat in his office, his feet on the desk and a cigar in his mouth. A tiny bulb hung from the ceiling, barely lighting the room with it's yellow glow. Bugs swarmed around it, banging their heads against it until they were knocked senseless and fluttered to the floor. Smoke filled the tiny room, further hindering the ability to see Illyadar.
      There was a knock on the door. "Come in," said Illyadar in his low, almost tenor-like voice. A tiny man entered the room, obviously frightened to be in Illyadar's presence. "Private Yinders here, sir," the little man said in a high-pitched voice. "The Communications Center reports that our SPARTAN contact within the UNSC is dead. Here is their report," he squeaked, walking over to Illyadar's desk and handing him a folded piece of paper. With a frightened gulp, the Private hurriedly walked out of the room.
      Illyadar opened the piece of paper. Carefully he read read it twice, just to make sure he was not mistaken. He began to laugh a dry, evil laugh. Dropping his feet to the floor, he threw his cigar to the ground and lit another. Twelve years since he had been forced to hide in deep space, taking refuge on a frozen planet long forgotten by scientists. Twelve years since he had begun constructing his revenge. And now he was the chance to rise up once more and destroy his greatest enemy, the UNSC. They had not forgotten him, and they never would, for soon his vengeance would be complete. His red eyes glowed in the darkness. They would regret their attack on his operation. Yes, he could see it now, the destruction of the entire UNSC army and his rise to power.

Ah, yes. Finally Part 11 of "Attack on ERISTOCK" has been released. But you didn't care, did you? Anyway, this note at the end has become habit. I'm sorry it took so long to write Part 11. Frankly, I was either to tired, to lazy, or to busy to write it. But I think I have finally written a suitable sequel to Part 10.
Ah! But how was I busy you ask! Well, I'll tell you. My chapter 'Halo: Fanfiction Evolved' at Seventh Column has taken up alot of my time. JOIN IT! I put alotta work into it. (Sergeant B, I understand you can't join. Thanks for reading.)