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Attack on ERISTOCK Part 10: Hunters
Posted By: xitWOUND117<ChikenDevilR2@aol.com>
Date: 14 October 2003, 3:41 PM

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Deployment +02 hours:14 minutes:20 seconds (SPARTAN-218 Mission Clock)/Surface

      George switched on his teammate coordinate markings on his HUD. Green arrows appeared over each member of C-Team's head, and above the arrow was a distance reading in meters. George ran off towards the farthest green arrow, Sarah. The rest of the SPARTAN's followed him. Soon he reached her position. She was running through the forest, trying not to be caught by the six Hunters following her. George stopped. He had no idea how to defeat six Hunters, especially since they had left the rocket launchers back at their camp. John-117, the SPARTAN II, stepped forward. "I'll take care of this," he said, then dashed towards the Hunters. One spotted him and charged forward, attempting to bat John with his huge shield. John dodged the shield and the Hunters lurched past him. John whipped out a huge combat knife and sliced the vulnerable orange back of the Hunter. The massive alien gave a cry as it thudded to the ground. The rest of the Hunters charged for him.
      Two of them stayed where they were and began firing their fuel rod cannons at John. The other three rushed to try to hit him. One gave a deep grunt of anger and swiped at John with his giant metal shield. John ducked, the Hunter missed by an inch, then he jumped at the aliens head, thrusting his knife through the exposed orange flesh that was probably his neck. Orange blood spurted from the wound, soaking John's hand. The Hunter gave a roar and threw John off him. The force of the throw severed the remaining skin holding the alien's head on, and it tumbled to the ground, the rest of the body fell backward. John quickly got up and dodged two fuel rod cannon blasts and prepared to meet the next assailant.
      While John-117 was fighting the Hunters, George motioned for the rest of his team to follow him. They quietly ran around the battle, so that they were directly behind the two Hunters firing their fuel rod cannons. George moved to take one giant alien, and he indicated that John-221 should take the other down. John slowly crept up to the Hunter, taking out his combat knife. "This one's dyin' SPARTAN II style," he said. He swung at the alien's orange back, slicing the Hunter in half. Blood flowed over the ground as it's body fell. George then pulled out his pistol and shot the Hunter in front of him in the back. The alien gave a groan then fell forward.
      John-117 sidestepped the next Hunter's charge, then threw a plasma grenade onto it's back. He rolled away as the heavily armored alien exploded in a combination of blue plasma and orange blood. Then he felt a huge metal shield collide with his body.
      George watched as the SPARTAN II was thrown into the air by the last Hunter's shield. George shot the walking Covenant tank in the back, orange blood and a roar followed. He ran through the trees searching for John-117. He found him unconscious and lying next to a large tree. He threw the SPARTAN II over his shoulders and ordered Mark to look for Sarah. Mark found her also unconscious and he picked her up. Then George, Mark, Luke, and John-221 headed back to camp.

      George's team was soon back at their camp. George and Mark put their teammates on the ground. They took off John-117's and Sarah's armor. John was pretty much unhurt, except he would probably have bruises all over his body for a few days. Sarah, on the other had, had a broken arm and many burns. Apparently she had gotten hit by a fuel rod cannon blast just before the SPARTAN II intervened. Mark began tending to Sarah while George walked over to the equipment pile. He picked out a small computer. He turned it on, then pulled the tiny disc that contained Public out of his head and put it in the computer. Public appeared on the screen. "Public, send a transmission to the Hymir stating that we have found a SPARTAN II named John-117 and he has information possibly important to the UNSC and he needs evacuation from ERISTOCK as soon as possible. Make sure only the Captain or Richard can open the file," ordered George. Public went straight to work.

2320 Hours, December 12, 2552 (Military Calendar)/UNSC Hymir, near planet ERISTOCK

      Richard was pondering about how he could stop these invaders when a transmission suddenly arrived from ERISTOCK. Puzzled, he opened the transmission. It read:

      United Nations Space Command Priority Transmission 09895J-10
      Encryption Code:
      Public Key: file/public/spartii/
      From: Public, AI (UNSC Service Number: N/A)
      To: Captain Geredar, Commanding officer UNSC Hymir/ (UNSC Service Number: 12508-19937-LG)
      Classification: SECRET (BGX Directive)

      /start file/
      Captain (or Richard),

      The C-Team here on ERISTOCK has found a SPARTAN II that has information about the fate of the Pillar of Autumn and about huge Covenant ring worlds. This information is possibly crucial to the UNSC, so send evac ASAP for the SPARTAN II.

      /end file/

      A SPARTAN II, Richard thought. Perhaps he has seen these creatures before... He began to work on a reply.

Deployment +09 hours:00 minutes:57 seconds (SPARTAN-218 Mission Clock)/Surface

      After setting Sarah's broken arm and putting it in a cast, they went to sleep, with one person standing guard for two hour turns. Soon the harsh sun of ERISTOCK was rising and the SPARTAN's began to prepare for their journey.
      First, after getting all of their eauipment packed and distributed for carrying, they marched over to where Sarah had been attacked by Hunters. Orange blood was everywhere, but the bodies had been taken. There were signs in the grass of the Hunters being dragged away. "Sarah, you said something about a gate. Where is it?" George asked. Sarah walked past the battlefield and over to a large patch of grass. She put her one good hand in the ground and lifted up a door, disguised to look like grass. She jumped down the opening. The rest of the SPARTAN's followed.
      Inside was a small, dimly lit room. It was extremly dusty, and huge cobwebs the size of a human's chest filled the corners. In the center of the room was a holopanel. John-117 walked over to it and touched a light on the panel. Suddenly diagrams, maps, information databases, and various other things began to spring into the air. A massive field of holograms lay before them. "Christ," said George, "this is all about the building we are supposed to destroy."

A Sort-Of Author's Note:
I'm sorry this part is short. Frankly, I think the upcoming events belong in a seperate chapter. At least you got a detailed description of a fight with Hunters. Anyway, I'd like to say: go to Seventh Column and check out the chapter 'Halo: Fanfiction Evolved'. It needs more members! If that would be too hard to do, email me, and eventually sometime within the following 24 hours I'll give you the URL. (Y'all are probably sick of my notes, aren't you?)