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Attack on ERISTOCK Part 9: Invaders
Posted By: xitWOUND117
Date: 8 October 2003, 3:44 PM

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2300 Hours, December 12, 2552 (Military Calendar)/UNSC Hymir, near planet ERISTOCK

      John Carmand walked onto the Hymir's broken bridge. He held his assault rifle out in front of him, wary of enemies. He walked over to the main view screen. An AI appeared on the pedestal nearby. "Well finally someone is going to-" he stopped the instant he got a good look at John. Richard was speechless. He quickly analyzed the creature and found a slight trace of human life in it. "Who are you?" Richard asked, awed at the degree of which this thing had been mutated and still able to move. The creature only growled and walked over to a keyboard attached to the screen. It started to type with obvious difficulty. Letters began to appear on the screen. Slowly Richard began to understand what this thing was trying to say.

Deployment +02 hours:03 minutes:13 seconds (SPARTAN-218 Mission Clock)/Surface

      George's team had quickly climbed out of the valley. The forest became more and more dense and soon light was altogether unable to penetrate through the trees to the ground. John-117 was soon able to walk by himself, who insisted on carry a case of equipment to make up for his temporary handicap earlier. But soon they had to find somewhere to sleep.
      It was hard to find a suitable place, searching in a dark, dense forest, but finally they found an area that didn't look like it had too many trees. Mark got a fire going while John-221 and Sarah left to scout for Covenant. John-117 sunk to the ground, leaning against a tree, and fell asleep instantly. Luke sat down off in a corner where the firelight didn't reach, took off his helmet and stared at the sky. George sat near the fire and searched for his food rations in his backpack. He pulled out some hard bread, which he had at first mistaken for a brick, and began to eat.
      After about five minutes John-221 came back and plopped himself down next to George. "Sir," he said, "can I ask you a question?" "Go ahead," answered George. John pulled out a small remote. It had only one red button on it, nothing else. "I carefully installed several cases of C-12 near the Pelican's gasoline tank and piled the reserve fuel cans on top. Would you like to be the one who gets to blow those aliens to hell, sir? I figure there's gotta be plenty of them swarming around our dropship." "You do it John. You had some foresight," replied George. "Okay," said John, then he pressed the red button. There was a faint 'boom' and the ground shook a little. "Wow. Exactly how much C-12 and gas did you pile up?" asked George, awed. John only smiled and said, "Plenty".
      Mark sat down on the other side of George. "So what is our mission, sir?" he asked. "Public can tell you. I'm going to sleep. Make sure there is at least one person on watch duty. Wake me up when it's my turn," said George. "Yes, sir," answered Mark. George turned off the speakers on his helmet so he wouldn't hear Public and then laid down to sleep. Public told Mark, Luke, and John their mission through the COM channel. "There has been a large amount of activity at a Covenant dig site. They have uncovered a large structure, which we have no idea what it's importance is, but seven Prophets are there currently. Whatever it is the Covenant want it. So our job is to either take over the building or destroy it. Then we will receive further orders."
      Sarah's voice came through the COM channel suddenly. "Hunters! I've got Hunters chasing me and-" there was a loud explosion,"-they seem pretty pissed! They were guarding some gate or something but I don't know how long I can hold them off! There is probably about ten of them!" Every member of C-Team jumped up. Sarah was in trouble.

      Lanyap the Grunt knew 'Ilramamee was not going to be happy at all. Lanyap had to wake 'Ilramamee from his sleep; an urgent message had just come in from Kura 'Eralamee, head guard of the High Assembly. Lanyap ran into 'Ilramamee's bedroom and tapped the Elite on the shoulder, who was sleeping in a chair. 'Ilramamee didn't move. Lanyap tried tapping him again, but nothing happened. The Grunt shook 'Ilramamee. The Elite jumped from his chair and pulled out his rifle, pointing it at Lanyap. The frightened little alien fell back onto the floor with a high-pitched yell. "Urgent message from 'Eralamee, Excellency!" the Grunt cried, then scurried out of the room.
      Worthless little nuisance, thought 'Ilramamee. He walked over to his personal holopanal and opened the message. This time it was a video message. Apparently 'Eralamee was not pleased with him. A large Elite, even by Elite standards, appeared in front of 'Ilramamee. "The last time I contacted you, Ilramamee," it said, "I ordered you to take care of the human filth that landed on our planet. Obviously you have not listened to me, as many groups of humans are now heading toward locations key to our control of this planet. This is the last time 'Ilramamee; take appropriate action to resolve this situation or I will have you relieved of command." I thought I told that fool 'Ranalamee to fix this! 'Ilramamee thought.
      He tried to contact 'Ranalamee many times, but none worked. Finally he contacted Yuza 'Pokalamee, the co-ordinator of every troop movement in the western hemisphere of ERISTOCK. 'Ilramamee established a live video connection with 'Pokalamee. "'Pokalamee," 'Ilramamee said, "I can't reach Field Master 'Ranalamee. Has anything happened to him?" "Yes," answered 'Pokalamee. "I sent you the report awhile ago! He was killed when his entire base was destroyed by a group of humans. And many of the soldiers in his area were killed when the human craft they were investigating blew up. Total casualties are estimated to be over two-hundred in these attacks alone. It seems we are being invaded. There are groups of humans everywhere, resisting all our attempts to crush them. Some of the weaker humans are unifiying and striking back. We don't have enough troops to eliminate them, either. Too many are at your dig site!" Just when he had finally gotten the attention of the High Assembly, 'Ilramamee thought, the nasty human filth have to go and mess it up!. But how could he possibly stop the vermin? Suddenly a little voice awoke within him, You could raise them. They could do it, it said. No, not yet, he thought.
      "'Pokalamee, call for reinforcements from nearby planets. We need to crush this uprising of filth at any cost," ordered 'Ilramamee. "Yes Excellency," said 'Pokalamee. They could do it faster, said a little voice in his head again. But they could get out of control, he thought. No, reinforcements would be best.

2300 Hours, December 12, 2552 (Military Calendar)/UNSC Hymir, near planet ERISTOCK

      Richard understood this creatures plan, at best. But it was madness. No matter how right or good it might be, it would destroy the human race. Richard would not let that happen. But he was only an AI and the creature and the others like him had taken control of the ship. They asked Richard to help, but he would never help their plan of devastation. Somehow he had to stop them...