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Attack on Eristock Part 5: The Covenant's Discovery
Posted By: xitWOUND117
Date: 30 September 2003, 2:57 PM

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2230 Hours, December 12, 2552 (Military Calendar)/UNSC Hymir, near planet ERISTOCK

      The voice of Captain Geredar came through George's COMM channel. "Alright SPARTAN's, it's time to move. Master Chief, lead your men down to the planet's surface. I will try to draw their fire as long as I can." "Yes sir!" replied George, then pushed his D77-TC Pelican's throttle to one-hundred percent, throwing him into the back of his seat. The other Pelican's holding the rest of the SPARTAN's engine's turned on, following their leader, George. George's Pelican quickly exited the docking bay and was soon putting distance between itself and the Hymir. The ten Pelican's holding the SPARTAN's formed a triangle formation for now, soon they would split up and head towards their own landing zones.
      Suddenly, emerging from the dark side of ERISTOCK, a Covenant destroyer fired at the Hymir. It's plasma torpedoes streaked through the blackness of space. The Hymir desperately tried to turn towards the Covenant ship to return fire, but it had noticed the enemy destroyer too late. The fiery plasma energy hit the Hymir on it's starboard side, boiling away it's armor and igniting released atmosphere. George refused to be distracted; he had a mission to complete.

      It didn't make much sense, but John Carmand had finally figured it out. The creature talking to him was the spirit of a Forerunner, residing in the Flood that infested John. The Forerunner spirits lived in Flood loyal to the Forerunner's original purpose for them. Slowly, they were recruiting an army to gain control over the galaxy once more.
      John was woken up by the Flood mind. The Earth, the Forerunner, and space all disappeared as John opened his mutilated eyes. He was inside a UNSC lifepod, buckled into a seat, surrounded by other Flood combat forms. In the pilot's seat was another Flood, struggling to pilot the lifepod using his ravaged arms. It turned around and growled at the largest Flood in a seat. It growled back and the pilot Flood turned back around. Somehow, John got the feeling he was on another mission, just like old times.

      Captain Geredar knew his ship would never survive the instant the Covenant ship fired. But he would not just abandon it. He had ordered all the crew to evacuate and escape to ERISTOCK's surface. But he remained on the bridge. "Are you sure you want to go through with this, Captain?" asked Richard, the Hymir's AI. "Then men could use a leader if they were able to form a resistance." "Yes, I am," answered the Captain. "I'm not letting another one of the UNSC's warships be abandoned harmlessly. The Covenant should fear our ship's, crippled or not."
      He knew that the Covenant always wanted the information stored away in UNSC ships. The location of Earth, weapons development, special operations maneuvers. He was not going to let them have anything except "a belly full a lead, and a pool of their own blood to drown in". He slammed a clip into a M6D Pistol and put the gun in his holster at his side. Then he put another clip into a MA5B Assault Rifle and put that onto the ground next to him while he put on the toughest armor he could find.

      'Ilramamee knew this discovery would please the High Assembly. "This core allows us to control every single ringworld's weapons individually, along with atmosphere, climate, gravitational pull, orbit, and revolutions," said the Elite. "But we have gained much more than just a vast field of destruction. It gives us access to every single item constructed by the Ancients, giving us a constant video stream of an enormous area. We now know where thousands of human spy satellites and special operations ships are. But one installation inside a moon rather far away showed an unusual amout of activity on the nearby planet, which was previously thought to be too far outside of the human settlements to be inhabited by them. So, after sending out a number of our most cunning spies, I firmly believe we have found one planet the human's treasure most, their homeworld, 'Errth'."
      All of the seven Prophets showed surprise and excitement at this, which was a rare thing. One looked as if he would fall out of the air in shock. "Our spies stole hundreds of documents and captured several of the humans themselves, and after careful analyzation of the documents and the interrogation transcripts, there is no doubt in my mind that this is the planet the human filth have been trying to hide from us."
      "Well it doesn't concern us what you think the conclusion would be," said the Prophet across the table from 'Ilramamee. "We want the facts, and it is still to be shown whether or not we believe your assesment is accurate. We will examine the evidence carefully and shall tell you what our decision is on the next day." "Of course, Exalted," replied 'Ilramamee.

      Field Master Huri 'Ranalamee was livid the support units he ordered were delayed from their original arrival time. Ever since that human in the special armor crashed into the bottom of the valley he slaughtered 'Ranalamee's troops day after day. The Elite wondered how long his soldiers would hold out until the human escaped beyond the valley.
      A low ranking Elite walked up to him. "Excellency, Jaku 'Ilramamee promises the units you requested will arrive tomorrow if the High Assembly's decision is favorable," said the Elite. "Very well," sighed 'Ranalamee. What is the High Assembly doing here? he thought. Whatever they're doing, they had better give 'Ilramamee a good decision, or this human's going to get loose.