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The Lost Colony Part Three: Welcomer of Destruction
Posted By: xitWOUND117<ChikenDevil@aol.com>
Date: 23 August 2003, 8:41 PM

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0255 Hours, October 7, 2525 (Military Calendar)/UNSC Vostok, near planet Harvest

      Harvest loomed before the Heracles, the Arabia, and the Vostok, but not the lush, fertile colony it had been before. Before them was a dead, boiling planet, cratered and barren, sunlight reflecting of Harvest's glassy surface. Three million souls, vaporized, all trace of them burned to the ground. And orbiting Harvest was a purple colored ship, it's hull smooth and organic, the front end swollen, almost majestic looking.
      All this Captain Paveroz of the Vostok saw through the main screen monitor. As did the officers on the bridge. The Captain had feared that something had happened to Harvest, but he never expected this, this...total annihilation without warning. "Ca-Captain Veredi i-is trying to m-m-make contact with the un-unidentified object, s-sir," said Watiro, obviously terrified.
      Suddenly a voice that sounded much like an AI's but full of hatred and menace boomed through the bridge speakers. "Your destruction is the will of the Gods...and we are their instruments," it said. "Oh Jesus! Oh no! What is happening?!" cried Lieutenant Watiro, trembling, his voice thin and weak.
      Then blue flashes of light burst from the alien ship, red motes of light appeared on it's hull. The blue bolts of energy headed straight for the Arabia, crashing into it's side, boiling away the titanium-A armor and breaching the hull, igniting the atmosphere that streamed out.
      The Heracles flew towards the alien ship, launching Archer missiles at it. Damn, thought Captain Paveroz, he beat me to it. "Lieutenant Imriak, fire Archer missiles pods A1-A7 at that ship as soon as you get a firing solution, and charge up the MAC gun," the Captain ordered. "Yes sir," said the Lieutenant at the weapons station, acting like this was just another pirate to kill. "Lieutenant Baxter, come to course-Lieutenant!" Baxter had slowly gotten up out of his chair and walked over to the nearby window, pressing his face against the thick glass, shaking his head and mumbling. "Dammit Lieutenant!" yelled Paveroz. He threw himself into the Navigation chair and typed in the course settings. A series of dull thumps could be heard throughout the ship as the missiles were fired.
      The alien ship fired more blue bolts, sending the energy towards the Arabia once more. Half of the Vostok's and Heracles's Archer missiles collided with the blue light, only to detonate and leave the fiery lasers unscathed. The rest of the missiles hit the alien ship, explosion covering the hull, but they faded and the ship was covered in a semi-transparent silver coating, which also faded. The alien ship was undamaged.
      The strange ship's shots hit the Arabia, fully penetrating the ship and breaking it in half, setting off small explosions everywhere throughout it's hull. The engines and lights of the Arabia went dead, and bodies could be seen slowly drifting away from the ship.
      "Lieutenant Merenda," said the Captain, "where any lifepod launched from the Arabia?" "No sir. She went down with all hands," answered the Lieutenant. "MAC gun fully charged Captain," said Lieutenant Imriak. "Fire Archer missile pods B1-C7 and the MAC gun, Lieutenant," ordered Captain Paveroz. "Firing, aye." The ship shuddered as a massive amount of armament was fired.
      The Heracles fired missiles and two MAC rounds of it's own. Huge streaks of metal and hundreds of missiles slowly flew towards the purple craft. Then the alien ship fired more fiery bolts of energy at the Vostok, splashing across the human ship's missiles and continuing, leaving only the Vostok's MAC round heading for the ship.
      The three MAC rounds slammed into the alien ship, but it's silver cover appeared again, absorbing the damage. Then the Archer missiles collided with it, it's silver shield flickered, and went out. The few remaining missiles hit the ship's hull itself, doing a little amount of damage.
      Captain Paveroz desperately tried to escape the blue bolts, radically changing course and pushing the Vostok's reactors as far as they could go, but the fiery energy changed their own course, chasing the human craft. Finally they impacted on the Vostok's starboard side, boiling the armor away and ripping apart the hull. The ship rumbled and groaned as it was slowly destroyed.
      "Captain! The reactors have been hit! They're going to explode in five!" yelled Lieutenant Merenda. Four...three, the Captain slowly counted in his head while the rest of the crew stood frozen at their stations, two...one-

0310 Hours, October 7, 2525 (Military Calendar)/UNSC Heracles, battling with an unidentified ship, near planet Harvest

      Captain Veredi watched as the Vostok was destroyed in a massive ball of fire, chunks of it's hull were hurled into space. "Lietenant Kura," he said to the weapons station officer, a young woman, "fire the MAC guns," he ordered. "Yes sir," she replied, typing in commands. "Captain, primary coolant failing, switching to backup. We had better shut them down, they're going to overheat," said Lieutenant Ollera at the Ops station. "Alright, shut them down," said the Captain with a sigh.
      As the Heracles's MAC rounds streaked through space towards the unknown ship, the alien craft fired again. The MAC rounds slammed into the alien ship's hull, crumpling it's armor, but the ship showed no signs of slowing or the armor being breached. The fiery blue energy, however, splashed across the Heracles's hull, breaching the armor and igniting atmosphere.
      "Lieutenant Jurrad!" yelled Captain Veredi. "Get us into Slipstream space immediately, we've got to get out of here and report." "Yessir," replied the Lieutenant at the Nav station. The main view screen came out of focus then flickered off as the ship entered Slipstream space and accelerated.